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    Kim, watch out for's a real picture of him at the Home....Click image for larger version

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    Hahaha! So awesome I love it. See this is why I love Marines, innovative and resourceful men. Now that's thinking outside the box.

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    Marine Free Member FistFu68's Avatar
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    Mar 2006
    47,Iíve got skivvies older than that sweetie and Iím wearing them

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    Those skivvies must've been Made in America! I hope I hold up as well as your shorts have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimmer View Post

    I specifically came to this bar
    looking for dirty old Marines.

    I just turned 47 yesterday

    Contrary to the current trend towards
    boring, effeminate, politically correct wusses.
    I still like alpha males
    with a good sense of humor
    (that like women)

    So awesome I love it.
    See this is why I love Marines.
    Innovative and resourceful men.

    Those skivvies must've been Made in America!
    I hope I hold up as well as your shorts have.
    * wishing wont do it
    We're happy you found the bread crumbs
    that one of the oldtimers left for FemaleTourists
    to stumble apon- hence- leading them into our
    "Den of Aniquity" "No doubt"

    You weren't lured into the bushes
    by Russ and his bag full of candy"

    Most of us don't qualify as YOUNGBULLS .
    In here...We've stopped the running
    and take our time........
    Amble towards the target - IF YOU WILL.

    Do you know the rest of the story ??

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    Real Shame -

    We used to have a chat function
    on the site-

    I think it came down with
    Erectile Disfunction -

    really though - the owners thought
    it cost too much -

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    And Kimmer -
    take note and don't let any these oldfarts
    try and talk you into dressing up with fancy duds.
    or dressy hoity toity - you know the style-

    one of us just try and talk you out of it

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    I found this site over a year ago when I was trying to write a romance novel about a young Marine and an older Marine that fell in love with the same woman who HAPPENED to be just like me, hahahaha. But I quickly discovered I don't know jack about romance or Marines so I scrapped that idea. Fast forward to a couple of days ago I was all bummed out because I was turning 47 and then I got an email saying the US Marine Corps was wishing me a happy birthday. I got all giddy as if one of y'all actually knew or cared. I figured maybe I'll get proactive and go try to really talk to some Marines and y'all have been so sweet thank you. I think Marines are studs, who knows why anyone likes what they like. I tried dating one last year but that lasted about two dates so I don't think it's a realistic match. I'm a yogi with a purse dog Yorkie son, people assume I'm a liberal feminist but nah, couldn't be farther from the truth. I like those nearly extinct real men, hence why I'm here hanging out with you guys. Thanks for welcoming me Ed, you make me laugh.

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    Your chat got ED, hahahaha, freakin hilarious.

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    Kim, I more or less try to keep these old farts in line. Mostly a losing battle. Most of us are Panty sniffers from back in the day. We play hard, laugh hard, fight hard, and thanks to Viagra, we get hard. Here's a picture of ( Jack ) Fistfu68. He and I shed blood together in Nam......he had a rough life after that....Click image for larger version

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    I'll take a panty sniffer over a panty wearer any day of the week. These pics are hilarious. I'm glad y'all have got each other on here, social media is good for something I guess. You guys are badass, I'm sorry you had to go through all that. I have massive respect for people who can kick adversity's ass. I'm a curl up into fetal position and cry kind of gal so I guess that's why I'm so in awe of y'all.

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    Not particularly, more lonely I suppose. I live in a small town and all there is to do is hang out at the bar and drink and I quit drinking awhile ago. I'm not on Facebook or anything, I guess I probably should be if I want a social life at my age. FB depresses me, Leatherneck is better, hahahahaha.

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    Glad to have you here Kimmer. Us old farts need all the female company we can get - anyway we can get it! lol

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