All I want for my birthday is...
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    Happy Birthday Kimmer

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    Thank you! And you got me a virtual beer too, this birthday is getting better already.

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    ONE Beer's the consideration?
    Two many-
    Not enough-
    What the hell......

    Happy Birthday woman !

    Would you like to try our
    "Complimentary-FREE-Chest Massage"...

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    Well how could I pass that up? You have such a trustworthy smile and look like a true professional. Will you throw the back and shoulders in there too?

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    How does a 47 year old birthday girl get a Marine to chat her up at this virtual bar? I don't like real bars... but I do like Marines...

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    Alright, birthday over. Thanks for the beer wsky9er and thanks for the birthday boob massage m14ed. And thank you all for your service. It may look bleak and enraging out there but those loudmouth idiots are just straight up delusional. Intelligent people go to bed at night thanking the Lord there are Marines, and all the branches of the military, police officers and first responders willing to sacrifice everything to protect us. Thank you and God bless you.

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    Kim, we're just a bunch of dirty old men on here ( especially Ed ), but we love our Country and love the Women, who love our Country. Just wait till you meet OldTop. He's our Senior " PSA " member.

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    Well I specifically came to this bar looking for dirty old Marines. I just turned 47 yesterday and contrary to the current trend towards boring, effeminate, politically correct wusses, I still like alpha males with a good sense of humor (that like women).

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    Happy Birthday Kim

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    Thank you Paul, 47 is better already. You look cool in your old pic.

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    Happy Birthday to you... better late then never I guess...

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    Happy Birthday Kim and hope you have many more to come..

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    Thank you Pat and Bill I like reading all your bio pages it's interesting. Pat that's totally cool your daughter became a Marine too, she must be one tough lady and I'm sure you're super proud. And thank you for the rose Bill, it's been a long time since I've been given one.

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    Happy, Happy Kimmer and many more to come young lady.

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