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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimmer View Post

    I loved that old ride at Six Flags
    that was a big spinning barrel

    the g-force pinned you to the wall
    and the floor dropped out,

    I could ride it over and over
    and men would get off
    and puke their guts out

    which is why they closed that ride

    I guess.

    I've thought the same thoughts
    about Harris Faulkner -
    who broadcasts
    on FoxNews

    just like a little boy and his first

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    like that ?

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    like that ? RIGHT click that pic and see all of it

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    We're all just WOOKIN PA NUB! Hahaha!

    Are you implying that men ride Harris over and over and then puke their guts out? Those mega eyelashes could lure a man to his death.

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    I loved that ride!!! The best!

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    kind of partial to the roller coaster, myself.... those "spinning rides" never did much for me, so rather than be one of those guys that puked their guts out after the ride, I just avoided those kind of rides whenever possible.....

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    Everybody avoided it, it was the only ride at Six Flags you could get off and run around and get right back on. My parents would just leave me there for an hour or so, I guess that was my way of getting high before I discovered adult ways. I'll ride any ride except those slapped together by toothless carnies. I don't think I'd be able to jump out of a plane though although I loved parasailing. I'm practical it's always an injury vs rush decision for me.

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