Question about admin sep / EAS
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    Question about admin sep / EAS

    This is an odd situation that requires a little history. I enlisted in the Marine Corps in 2009 and lat-moved in 2013 (worst negative paperwork was a page 11 as an E-3) in which I signed a 5 year contract. Got promoted to Sergeant in 2014 and was a FAP while some required paperwork was getting authorized. In 2016, less than a year after I graduated from my new MOS schooling, I got selected from the HIST to be a Drill Instructor which I declined so I got an RE-3O code. As a result of all my deployments to the Middle East, I have had some health issues (physical and mental). I have spent the last two and a half years dealing with medical issues on top of not being able to be promoted, not being able to use TA, and having a chain of command that has something against lat-movers (after seeing some I completely understand why though). At first it was fine but the sheer mental drain has been catching up. I was FAP'd again for what would have been the last 6 months of my contract but that's when things went south since the 1stSgt for my parent company was out to get someone this last Friday.

    Long story short of that situation is that he starts on a tangent that would result in me being late for work so I shut the door to continue to get ready while he's mid-sentence after respectfully telling him I understand what he's saying at least 4 or 5 times. He flips out, Bn SgtMaj gets involved and does some questionable stuff and by the end of the day I decide to take the NJP for article 91. He has also made it very clear by indirect statements that he is out to get me since he "Has made it to the top, has been through two conflicts, and cannot believe a Sergeant would try tell him anything about rules". Side note on this, I was attempting to record the conversation that occurred in the barracks room earlier as I have had garbage NCOs before and he thought he could take my phone off the nightstand, stop the recording, and try to keep the phone away from me. After the NJP he was very clear that he wants to mess with me and whatnot (again in the non-direct manner).

    I EAS in December, my terminal leave would start in October, and I still have yet to talk to my psych about stuff. I took the NJP even though I would win the Court Martial, I just don't want to wait a year plus for that to happen. My initial plan is to ride this out while checking out of the military but to be honest I need to get out for my sake and the USMC.

    Now that I have one NJP is there any way to request an expedited administrative separation?

    Even if the replies are basically "Just do the time" that's fine, I guess I needed to get it off my chest somehow.

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    Besides talking to your psych, you maybe should be talking to a JAG officer at base legal, if you haven't already. Obviously, stay as far away from your 1stSgt and SgtMaj as possible since you're in their crosshairs.

    You should be finding out how an administrative separation will affect your VA benefits since there is a good chance you'll need follow-up medical and psych care. Be sure to get a complete copy of your medical record to support any future disability claims. The VA will not approve anything you cannot provide in writing (been through that beauracratic nightmare myself).

    Good luck Devil.

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    Thanks, I already have one honorable discharge and according to base legal I would still get benefits just because of that. I'm not currently being administratively separated but rather it would be requesting to since it would benefit both me and the Marine Corps. As for the medical stuff, I'm doing as much as possible on Monday.

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