Recon Tips and Guidance
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    Recon Tips and Guidance

    Afternoon Ladies and Gents, currently a poolee and my ship date is December 10th. My contract is Security Forces and I'm planning on trying out for Recon. I'm looking for advic on BRPC and BRC such as the physical abilities, tips, and the most common reasons for drops. If you want to know my physical scores or anything else just ask. Thanks

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    Plenty of youtube videos showing recon training. Day one is spent in the pool as water is the great equalizer - and the most common reason for drops (voluntary and involuntary). First drop on request comes after only minutes in the pool - because the students understand they still have the rest of the day to spend there (why drown if you don't need to).

    Most common theme of the recon instructors is: "students MUST be able to hit the wall (their physical limits), and then push past that wall". In the pool that translates to: when you feel like you're drowning, you must be able to stay in the water and complete the assigned task". Pushing past the wall is more mental than physical.

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    Thanks for the info, I was just looking for some firsthand stuff but I really appreciate the response.

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    Consider PMing Hammer, some of his posts indicate that he worked in this area

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    why don't you post your run/swim/ruck times? Can you read a map & compass and landnav...?

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