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    58 Series Questions

    I am interested in the 58 series, specifically 5811. I know from intel gathering that there is two sides to the 5811 mos. PMO, and field side. What I can not gather enough of is experiences in that mos. I understand it will be different from civ LE, but have found that there are similar roles. Such as SRT, CID, and some others. Have any of you had experience in those roles? I have some questions from those who have been, and even those who have not. Thanks for your time.

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    Can't answer your questions specifically, was not in the 5800 field.

    There are a number of 5800 related videos on youtube like "day in the life of a MP, dog handler", etc.

    Also important to keep in mind. You cannot enlist to be a 5811. The USMC will decide if you go into the law enforcement side or the corrections (prison) side of the 58XX MOS field based on the needs of the Marine Corps at that time (not your needs). Your recruiter can explain how this works to you.

    Good luck.

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    Tennessee Top is right about not being able to enlist specifically for 5811, however, there are a lot more 5811 slots than 5831 (corrections). So the odds are on your side.

    A 5811 is a 5811. Everyone gets the same training in the schoolhouse. Whether you do "police work" or "field work" depends on the unit you belong to. You could start working out of a PMO for a year or so, then get transferred to a LE Battalion assigned to a Marine Division and do mostly field stuff.

    I was a 5811 many moons ago and was in the 1stMarDiv MP Company at Camp Pendleton. A large percentage of the company was assigned to the Base PMO on the Fleet Assistance Program (FAP). I spent some time on FAP. Also, non-MPs were sent on FAP to the PMO, were trained there as MPs, and did the work. The Pendleton PMO was a pretty good sized outfit and we were busy. Also, PMO handled all the base gates then and there were at least seven that I could remember.

    Those back at the company, handled the MP needs of the Division specifically. Providing MPs on MEUs, MPs on other field exercises (I did a joint exercise at 29 Palms), and we also trained on our wartime mission in patrolling and POW handling by going into the field for a few days and hunting down and capturing illegal aliens trying to sneak through base property along I-5 to avoid a Border Patrol checkpoint. I doubt if they are allowed to do that anymore. We always caught quite a few. We also provided backup for the PMO during riot control exercises (and a couple of real life events).

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    Seems like a very interesting series. Either way. What do the field side MPs generally do? Also, do they deploy a lot?

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    Not relating to the original post, but, I noticed that you did some time as an MSG. I know it is an SDA, so it is some time, career wise away. But, are only certain occupations able to do it, or is it open to any MOS?

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    Tennessee Top, Not relating to the original post, but, I noticed that you did some time as an MSG. I know it is an SDA, so it is some time, career wise away. But, are only certain occupations able to do it, or is it open to any MOS?

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    I served two tours on the MSG program, and was on the MSG school staff at Quantico, VA.

    Some major changes were recently made to the MSG program. It's no longer a SDA for the watchstanders (still a SDA for detachment commanders). MSG now falls under the Security Forces MOS field and you can get a MSG contract. It's a 5 year contract; MSG for 3 years (3 embassies) then you are reassigned to an infantry battalion for the remainder of your contract just like other SF personnel is the way I understand it. Talk to your recruiter about how this works.

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    Or, you can wait and apply to the program in the fleet later. In this case, MSG is open to majority of MOS's (some MOS's are restricted only because they're too underpopulated to let Marines out of it for a 3 year period).

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    Field MP's do things like military convoy protection, traffic control, prisoner control, road blocks, etc.

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    Forgive my ignorance, but I was under the impression that security forces was an SDA as well. I may be getting outdated information. Can someone enlist into the security forces right off the street?

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    SF is not a SDA as far as I know but could be wrong. Only SDA's I'm aware of are DI, Recruiter, and MSG (detachment commander). DI's and recruiters, for the most part, are career Staff NCO's, just like MSG detachment commanders. So, to make it consistent, they dropped MSG watchstanders (PVT's, PFC's, LCpl's, Cpl's, and Sgt's) from the SDA category. Also saves money not having to pay them the SDA pay every month.

    Yes, you can get a SF contract from your recruiter. After bootcamp, you must complete Infantry Training Battalion (ITB) and then specialized training in VA for SF duties. After 3 years of SF duty (guarding nuclear subs or antiterrorism platoons), you go to an infantry battalion somewhere in the fleet for the remainder of that contract. Your recruiter has the details of how it works and can clarify if it's a SDA or not.

    When are you going to sit down with a recruiter? They can answer all these questions you have for you.

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    Alright. Thanks for the clarification. And I am hoping soon. I have some stuff I have to get squared away before I complete the actual process. But have been in contact with him regularly, just to keep him up to date. Will ask him more about it when I speak with him again.

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