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    Marsoc sarc

    Hello All,

    I was wondering if anyone knew the answer to a few questions I had about MARSOC SARC's.

    1. If you are a SARC for MARSOC, do you complete all the training that the regular MARSOC teams complete? (i.e. Do you receive the Raider Insignia pin)

    2. Are you part of the 14 man team or are you number 15 and the Raiders have their own 14 man team that you supplement?

    SARC's seems such an integral part of the teams, I was wondering how far their involvement is/goes as they seem more Marine than Navy at this level.

    Sorry if this does not make sense, I have just been curious and do not have any inside info from anyone I know.

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    Hi Dan, thank you for the link but it shows the SARC program and then assignment to a team but nothing about more training regarding MARSOC, if they are assigned to these teams. Maybe I missed something but I wanted to see if a SARC with MARSOC qualifies or trains for Raider specific training and receives the insignia.

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    You missed something. It's pretty much all there.

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    Thank you both for the input!

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