Marines getting new Dazzle, Hail & Warn Laser...
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    Marines getting new Dazzle, Hail & Warn Laser...

    This is the laser that Marines have chosen to dazzle, hail and warn

    The Marines are replacing the “mini-green” laser with an upgraded version of the hail and warning system that integrates laser range finding and allows troops to better target individuals with the laser to avoid lethal encounters.

    The laser, known as Glare Recoil and dubbed the LA-22/U by the Marine Corps, is a dazzling laser that uses “laser range finding, near-field detection and a 3-axis gyroscope” as part of its safety controls, according to a B.E. Meyers & Co. news release.

    Those features allow the laser to detect objects or people in the proximity of the beam and then self-adjust the power output to maintain eye safety while still warning the target, according to the release.

    The Marines have plans to acquire 1,056 systems this fiscal year and another 597 next fiscal year. They expect initial operational capability by February, with full operational capability across the Corps by October 2021, according to Marine Corps Systems Command.

    The Glare Recoil can engage targets up to 500 m and if the person being warned, Marines can increase the beam’s intensity to achieve “voluntary compliance.”

    The lasers are used in such operations as urban patrolling, cordon and search, crowd control, clearing facilities and security checkpoints.

    Marine Laser.jpg

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    My God.....what is our Corps turning into??

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    They have mechanical robots to start carrying all that gear for Marines...

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    50 years too late......

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    What's wrong with warning SHOTS? Guaranteed to get someone's attention (more so than a laser beam).

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    There go all of our ambushes. Of course, the enemy is going to warn us 1st before they shoot us, oh yeah.

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    "WARNING" MY AZZ "warning" the enemy does not kill him, AMBUSH kills him
    we all know that "Stupid is as Stupid does", and these days "STUPID" is taking over more and more.... just how do you guys think WE would have done in the Nam if we had to "be cleared" by some JAG lawyer type in Saigon before we could blow away some gook in the bush? I had a little "taste" of that kind of garbage in 1967 when I could not get air or arty support without "authorization" from Westy's HQ due to something going on in SAIGON... by the time we got air, the engagement was long over but the gooks did get caught out in the open by PUFF.....

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