thinking of infantry
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    thinking of infantry

    interested in either infantry , combat engineer, or aviation mechanic. Infantry is my first pic , however id like to know more about the subject , my recruiter was motor T so not much luck there , thought id come on here and see if anyone can help me with the topic. I ship june 17th , 2019 so still have a bit to choose my job. Anything helps , thanks!

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    I was a Grunt, but can't answer to your post......the Infantry in the Corps has changed 10 fold since I served.

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    What's your question? Join infantry if that's really what you want to do and just embrace the suck. Based on what I heard, the Marine Corps' primary focus is infantry and every other MOS serves to support it. I'm going cbrn but I have massive respect for grunts

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    You can PM me. Been an 03 for a bit. I'm an 0331, debating whether to LAT move or put in my package for SLDP (0365)

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