FREE Kindle book May 24-28 about battle for Peleliu, South Pacific, 1944
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    FREE Kindle book May 24-28 about battle for Peleliu, South Pacific, 1944

    My husband, Carl Lyren, was a WWII Marine combat veteran and professional writer who authored a definitive account of the horrific battle for Peleliu in the South Pacific. This year, Amazon Kindle published his book, Dogged Courage: The Struggle for Peleliu, 1944. It is a detailed description of one of the most forgotten battles of the Pacific, and includes original interviews with battle participants and planners, as well as material from action reports, narratives, war diaries, and Japanese sources.

    It is a worthy book, and I want it read, so I am making Dogged Courage available FOR FREE in honor of our veterans on the days leading up to Memorial Day. It can be read on Kindle e-readers, or on any phone, tablet, or computer that has the free Kindle app installed. The book can be downloaded for free from Amazon between May 24-28 at Amazon by searching for: Dogged Courage; The Struggle for Peleliu, 1944 by Carl Lyren.

    Feel free to share this info with others.

    Semper Fi!

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    Thank you very much, that was definitely a nasty one. S/F

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    Yes, thank you. I have obtained a copy. I knew an old timer who fought on Peleliu. He didn't have any pleasant memories of the place.

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    Thank you for sharing....Salute to your Husband....

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