Sergeant Major Bradley Kasal Retires
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    Sergeant Major Bradley Kasal Retires

    It is the end of an era. Sergeant Major Bradley Kasal whom you know from his heroic exploits in the Marine Corps as told by our very own Grunt Style 1st Sergeant, is retiring from the Marine Corps today.

    Take note ladies and gentlemen from the civilian world and the military world as well, this is a historic day.

    Time spares no man, but look upon this occasion and
    remember it well for the history books may not. For his action in the city under siege, Fallujah, Bradley Kasal was awarded the Navy Cross for his heroic actions which included smoking a terrorist *******, while getting wounded in both legs, while being shot at having grenades thrown at him and other wounded Marines. Still not out of the fight, then 1st Sgt. Kasal rolled on top of his Marines to protect them from the grenade blasts. Then refused treatment ’till his Marines had been taken care of. Leadership.

    There was a time when Dan Daly, Chesty Puller, and Smedley Butler were all in the Marine Corps together, kicking ass, and looking back, we see these men as mythical heroes in our beloved Marine Corps lore.

    Make no mistake, men like Cliff Wooldridge, James Mattis, Dakota Meyer, Brian Chontosh and Bradley Kasal will all be remembered much in the same way by our fraternity of warfighters. We who served during this period walked alongside heroes, many who did not come back, but a few who did.

    Sergeant Major Bradley Kasal, thank you for your years of dedicated service to our country, and our Corps. May you enjoy the ever living **** out of your retirement. You have certainly earned that and then some by our reckoning. You have done a great service to your Marines and this country and we know you’d do it all again.

    Fair winds and following seas, may your beer always be cold, your knife sharp and your weapon loaded. Semper Fidelis Sergeant Major.
    NavyCross.jpg bradley-a.-kasal.jpg

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    I know men on this very internet board that also fit among their ranks. Just sayin.

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    A true American inspiration......Russ, we know and have known unrecognized hero's!

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    A lot of people have their own views on the man. Some positive some negative. But I was happy that I got to meet him before he left our corps. IMG_6810.jpg

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    Iíve heard it from a few young bucks that the Sgt Major Of Marines is a good Chit and hard charger Godspeed too Him Go Easy Aye Aye Semper Fi

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    A modern day hero!

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