Question for Marines in on-base housing (PETS)
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    Question Question for Marines in on-base housing (PETS)

    Hey everyone,

    I recently got orders to Marine Combat Training Bn on Camp Pendleton as a combat instructor. My wife and I looked into the on-base housing options and everything looks great, EXCEPT.... I have a mixed dog with some pitbull in him.

    I'm aware that "MCO P11000.22 Ch 6 released 11 Aug 09 prohibits full or mixed breeds of Pit Bulls, Rottweilers and Canid/Wolf Hybrids aboard Marine Corps installations."
    However, I was able to get my veterinarian to put "Mixed" as his official breed since we are not sure what else is in him. He definitely has traits that make him look like a pitty, but you can tell that there are other breeds (possibly lab or some of the terrier breeds). He's also well behaved and amazing with people. He is also registered as an emotional support animal for my wife (legitimate health issues and has a prescription letter for the dog).

    My question is, when applying for on-base housing, will they accept "Mixed" as a breed, or will they force me to do the whole DNA test thing or even look at him themselves? (The houses have fenced yards, so I could keep him out of sight for the most part, as long as they let him in.)
    Anyone had experience with this issue SPECIFICALLY in MCB camp pendleton? Thanks so much.

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    CAMPEN housing office:

    Phone: (760) 725:5995


    Contact the office and ask them. You don't need to identify yourself, just ask the general question. Lived in CAMPEN housing myself, there are a LOT of regulations. Some married Marines use their BHA to live off base because of it. Having a dog will mean higher rent/security deposit in town. Having a mixed pitbull (regardless of how amazing he is with people), means your rental options will be extremely limited as landlords won't want to take the liability risk.

    Good luck Devil.

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    A dog will not trash the quarters near as much as a kid. Check with the Base Vet.

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