Shipping out in July 11th. Made bad choice. Worried about urinalysis.
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    Shipping out in July 11th. Made bad choice. Worried about urinalysis.

    I'm new to this website. Forgive me if I do something wrong.

    Before I explain myself I realize that I'm a total idiot for what I did. I totally understand that I'm a moron and that some might say I don't deserve to be a serviceman or that the Marines don't want me.

    The other day after school my "friend" offered me a wax pen which most people know, contains THC which is what is also found in weed. This was my first time ever trying drugs or weed, I have never even seen weed before and used to always think that the weird smell in Los Angeles was just a skunk. I honestly don't know what went through my mind at the time but I know I ****ed up in the end. After I regained my senses the next morning, I realized I just made the worst decision and just wasn't thinking before I tried the pen. So now here I am, THC in my system, I hate myself, but I still want to serve my country really badly.
    In about 1 and 3/4 of a month (July 11th from now) I ship out to boot camp. I know that I will NEVER do it again so I would not get any more THC in my system for roughly 55 days left of being a Poole. I'm really nervous for the urinalysis test I have to go through, should my urinalysis be clear by the next 55 days? Should I tell my recruiter before I ship out about my situation?

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    Don't do it again, and drink tons of water ! flush it out of your system you have time to get rid of it! most drugs will be clear after 7 to 8 days.....and don't try to BS us again 1 first time my ...

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    Sir I'm being completely honest, I would have no reason to lie over the internet. Everything I wrote here was entirely the truth, it was truly my first time, and I know for sure it will be the last. I want to give the most accurate info as possible to see where my true fate would lead. Nonetheless, Thank you for the answer sir.

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    You're a dumbass, but it should all be out of your system by then. Just as an FYI... you do that when you are in the military, they WILL kick you out and you risk losing all your benefits and being stuck in outprocessing for months if not longer. It will completely screw you over. So if you are prone to making dumb decisions maybe you should just avoid the military.

    Everyone smokes pot these days, and frankly I don't have a problem with it. I think it should be legal, and I think service members should be able to do it on their own time. But it's not up to me. I'm around people smoking pot all the time and have been around them for years. It's not hard to not smoke it, so I wonder why you did, especially knowing you are now processed into the Marine Corps and subject to drug tests.


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    I dunno. I've managed to just say no for 65-years and the availability was always there.

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    Firstly, don't hang out with people who use it. Bad call. You want as little exposure as possible.

    Secondly, as the other guy said, POUND water especially leading up to the date of the test. This dilutes your urine and should ensure that you're below the threshhold. Don't worry about MEPS suspecting that you're diluting in order to pass; everyone pounds water to make sure they can pee, so they're used to very diluted urine.
    Also, how often you use products with THC will determine how long it takes your body to flush it out; if this was a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence, your body should have completely removed everything (urine wise) within a week or two. If you are or were a frequent user, maybe longer, but even stil, 55 days is more than enough time.

    I hope you aren't just sorry cause you're worried you'll get caught, this should be a lesson for you, and hopefully is enough to make you never go near it again for as long as you're in the military. Whatever that crap does for you just isn't worth your career.

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    On the note about pounding water -- hydration is a good thing, but if you are drinking 1+ gallon a day make sure you are replacing salt, electrolytes, etc.


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    Thank you, I’ll keep that in mind.

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    Cpl Hillman- thank you for the advice sir.

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    you do you boo boo, tell them whatever you want. It is your career. Maybe you should think of actions before you commit them.

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    Aye sir, I realize I made a bad mistake, a huge one that can result with me ruining my career.

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