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    I was wondering if they had any soft foods in boot camp I can get down without a lot if chewing to get it down fast how good is the food in boot camp

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    You're kidding, right? You don't have anything really important to worry about?

    The food is normal food. You'll get it down. You also don't get a lot of "pick and choose." You will eat what you're served and will be happy for it, probably wishing you could have more.

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    Messhalls (dining facilities) are ran by civilians these days (SEDEXO has the contract) using USMC menus and calorie guidelines . When I was in bootcamp, Marines ran/cooked everything.

    Have heard the chow is good but don't expect to have enough time to finish/taste it. Your DI's will get you in and back out as fast as they can. You'll always be hungry, because of the calories you're burning every day. There will be times (during the crucible for example), when your meal will only consist of a MRE. Some recruits do put on weight but that's mostly muscle mass and not fat (the fat is burned off).

    This is a typical breakfast at Parris Island. How much you get down will depend on your DI that meal.

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    The food was pretty good back in 2008. Im sure its no worse now.

    Weird thing to worry about. You hiding some medical condition?

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    you can expect there will be NO candy bars, ice cream or pogey bait of any kind... and woe unto anyone caught trying to sneak food out of the mess hall for a "midnight snack"... he WILL regret it, and most likely, so will his platoon mates..... just sayin....

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    Bootcamp meals ?

    Didn't matter how fast you ate-
    or what you did or did not have
    on your tray-

    We had to leave with a CLEAN TRAY
    porkers had to un-load some onto
    others that needed it to "bulk up".......

    Get in-
    Get out-
    Fall in on the outside.......

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    What the hell does that question have to do with anything?

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