Question about General Separation.
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    Question about General Separation.

    I left home for Boot, December 4th 2017 to Parris Island, SC. I got to training day 35, started having very bad back pain due to my Scoliosis that I got waived. I ended up getting a ELS, under honorable conditions because of my Scoliosis. My question is, is there any possibility of me being eligible for any VA benefits, the curve in my back went from a 38.1 Degree curve to 48 in 4 months. Also am I considered a veteran technically speaking? I do not claim the title of a Marine nor a boot-Marine. Thanks you for any and all replies.

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    A Veteran is considered to be anyone who has served 180 days or more on Active Duty outside of training purposes, i.e., boot camp, MOS school, etc.

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    ^^^this. One must serve 180 consecutive days active duty (6 months) to be considered a veteran and eligible for VA benefits.

    Contact a benefits counselor at the nearest VA facility (hospital or clinic) to verify this.

    Good luck.

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    I get the feeling he got the discharge because they thought he lied. It does not make sense to me.

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