Marine Corps arms Osprey, tests guns, rockets and missiles
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    Marine Corps arms Osprey, tests guns, rockets and missiles

    The Marine Corps is now arming its Osprey tiltrotor aircraft with a range of weapons to enable its assault support and escort missions in increasingly high-threat combat environments.

    Rockets, guns and missiles are among the weapons now under consideration, as the Corps examines requirements for an “all-quadrant” weapons application versus other possible configurations such as purely "forward firing" weapons.

    “The current requirement is for an allquadrant weapons system. We are re-examining that requirement—we may find that initially, forward firing weapons could bridge the escort gap until we get a new rotary wing or tiltotor attack platform, with comparable range and speed to the Osprey,” Capt. Sarah Burns, Marine Corps Aviation, told Warrior Maven in a statement

    Some weapons, possibly including Hydra 2.75inch folding fin laser guided rockets or .50-cal and 7.62mm guns, have been fired as a proof of concept, Burns said.

    “Further testing would have to be done to ensure we could properly integrate them,” she added.


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    I like the Idea, and I think a very smart mode...

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    Everytime I hear a Helicopter, I stop what I'm doing and look up to find it.......always brings back lots of memories....

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    Yessir arm that BadBoy laser guided Gatling guns new age the cousin too PUFF & 40mm electric cannon !!

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    You would think that arming a "War Bird" would have been priorty one to begin with, not years after production and operation...

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    I had the same thought ... Sounds like that bird will eventually be a Marine


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