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    MSG Information?

    I'm curious on information on how my MOS will be. I signed to be MSG because I wanted to do security forces and I'd like to learn more on what I'll be doing?

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    Was on the MSG program twice. Both as a watchstander (guard) and a detachment commander. Was also on the MSG school staff in Quantico, VA.

    MSG duty is interior guard duty (your posts will be inside, not walking a perimeter or doing any mobile patrols - outside security is handled by the host Government/contract security guards). You will work an 8 hour shift. The primary post (Post 1) is inside a hardened blast proof booth that controls access in-and-out of the chancery building. Equipment includes closed circuit TV monitors of both inside and outside security cameras, a PA system to broadcast messages/alarms to employees inside, controls to disperse CS gas, base radio station for communications with the Detachment Commander, Regional Security Officer, and off duty MSG's, etc. Depending on the size of the diplomatic mission, there could be multiple posts including a roving patrol inside the facility. Facilities can include multiple buildings. In Guatemala, we had posts inside the embassy and also at the ambassador's official residence in a different part of the city. In Haiti, we had posts inside the embassy and also at the consulate miles away. In both Nicaragua and Brazil, we only had posts inside the embassy.

    You'll live with your fellow MSG's in a house/apartment (not a barracks). DOS (Department of State) provides housing, not the USMC. In a few cases, you'll live inside the embassy (new embassies are being built to house the MSG detachment to save costs of renting out in town and to cut down on reaction time for off-duty MSG's to get to the embassy in an emergency). In most cases, you'll live out in town.

    Primary mission of MSG's is to protect classified information (DOS secrets). Secondary mission is to protect lives and property. You must be able to attain a final Top Secret security clearance through a special background investigation.

    Getting a MSG contract is a new thing, you are one of the first to ever do it so congratulations. Before, one had to at least be a Lance Corporal to even apply. That's because DOS wants Marines with a little experience in the fleet, and proven maturity/integrity before turning the keys to their chanceries (and trusting the lives of their employees) over to them.

    The schoolhouse is tough and has a high attrition rate for myriad reasons - DOS has a say in who graduates. Getting there from the fleet is not easy and there is a stringent screening process just to get a school seat. You're lucky that you're bypassing that process. DO NOT get any tattoos. The MSG tattoo policy is stricter than the USMC's policy because many countries do not tolerate body art like ours does (muslim countries in particular).

    If you have specific questions about school or the program send me a private message. Visit the MSG website at

    Good luck.

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    Thank you for all the information on this sir. One last question, I was talking to a Lance Corporal about this because it was his MOS as well and he mentioned something about I wouldn't be guarding an Embassy right away and that I'd be doing other things for a few years. I didn't get to talk to him that much.

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    No idea what he was talking about. If you go to MSG school, are trained to guard an embassy, and graduate, that's what you'll do (and that's what the State Department will expect you to do). Most graduates leave for post within a few days of graduation. Some are still waiting for their final security clearance but will leave for post as soon as they have it. Worse case scenario, you'll be on post, snapped in, and standing duty inside an embassy within a few weeks of graduating MSG school. The Marine Corps is not going to pay for you to be trained to do one job, then turn around and have you do something else instead (train you to guard an embassy then have you guard a nuclear submarine instead for example). That is a waste of resources the USMC does not have.

    Like I said, this is all new and the kinks are still being worked out. No idea how this MSG contract is constructed in connection with the Security Forces. You need to talk to your recruiter, hopefully they know, and make sure you understand what you're getting into. Embassy duty (MSG) is not security forces, it just happens to fall under that category. If you want to guard nuclear submarines or join a FAST company, the MSG MOS is not what you want. Sounds to me like you're confused about what your recruiter is selling you. Ask your recruiter if you're going to MSG school after bootcamp or not.

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    Lies, unless you signed up for security forces you didnt sign up for MSG. Heck even the 11's as security forces have to be selected for it. Not sure if trolling or what.

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    More proof of what I say

    Marine Security Guard (LCpl-Sgt)

    • CAN NOT be married (*Single parents with sole custody are not eligible)
    • Must be a U.S. Citizen (Dual citizenship is not authorized)
    • Must have an adjudicated Secret Clearance
    • Qualify for Top Secret security clearance
    • Financially stable
    • 18mo Time on Station (TOS) (If on a 24mo tour, SNM can submit with 12mo of rotating)
    • Minimum 90 GT
    • No current legal issues within one year of applying for MSG (military and/or civilian)
    • Must have a current 2nd Class PFT (CFT must also be current in MOL)
    • Service Pro & Cons 4.2/4.2 or higher (Cpl and below)
    • 38 Months obligated service at the time the Marine reports to school
    • High level of maturity, judgment, and sound moral character
    • All annual training must be completed prior to reporting in unless waivered by HQMC

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    ^^^that's the prerequisites coming from the fleet. A poolee won't have TOS, pro/con marks, completed annual training, etc. That's why I said he's lucky he's bypassing all of that.

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