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    Never Said it Better





    > Time is like a river. You cannot

    > touch the water twice, because the flow

    > that has passed will never pass

    > again. Franklin Graham was speaking at the

    > First Baptist Church in Jacksonville,

    > Florida, when he said America will

    > not come back. He wrote:


    > "The American dream ended on November

    > 6th, 2012. The second term of Barack

    > Obama has been the final nail in the

    > coffin for the legacy of the white

    > Christian males who discovered,

    > explored, pioneered, settled and developed

    > the greatest republic in the history of

    > mankind.


    > A coalition of blacks, Latinos,

    > feminists, gays, government workers, union

    > members, environmental extremists, the

    > media, Hollywood, uninformed young

    > people, the "forever needy," the

    > chronically unemployed, illegal aliens and

    > other "fellow travelers" have ended

    > Norman Rockwell's America.


    > You will never again out-vote these

    > people. It will take individual acts

    > of defiance and massive displays of

    > civil disobedience to get back the

    > rights we have allowed them to take

    > away. It will take zealots, not

    > moderates and shy, not

    > reach-across-the-aisle RINOs to right this ship and

    > restore our beloved country to its

    > former status.


    > People like me are completely

    > politically irrelevant, and I will probably

    > never again be able to legally comment

    > on or concern myself with the

    > aforementioned coalition which has

    > surrendered our culture, our heritage

    > and our traditions without a shot being

    > fired.


    > The Cocker spaniel is off the front

    > porch, the pit bull is in the back

    > yard The American Constitution

    > has been replaced with Saul Alinsky's

    > "Rules for Radicals" and the likes of

    > Chicago shyster David Axelrod along

    > with international socialist George

    > Soros have been pulling the strings on

    > their beige puppet and have brought us

    > Act 2 of the New World Order.


    > The curtain will come down but the

    > damage has been done, the story has been

    > told.


    > Those who come after us will once again

    > have to risk their lives, their

    > fortunes and their sacred honor to

    > bring back the Republic that this

    > generation has timidly frittered away

    > due to white guilt and political

    > correctness.."




    > TRUST IN GOD and live life with an

    > attitude of gratitude!

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    I've been saying this forever......until the real Americans take a stand, we will continually get further socialized. You cannot win a War ( and this is a War ), by sitting on your azz and talking shet. As with any and all conflicts, you can only defeat the enemy by being more vicious and more determined than your Foe. You cannot causally go about business as usual, turning a blind eye, waiting on someone else to lead the charge. If you sit back watching, because the War hasn't affected you, your family, or your way of are doomed to be sucked into the mouth of the Dragon. We should not want our Great Grand Kids, to wonder what the Fvck we were doing, while the genocide of the greatest Republic that ever existed, is being played out in our backyards. We have to band together and go down fighting......just saying....

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    Ive been studying human nature for many Moons either by being there in Person from a five year ole white boy in SE wash DC getting chased by black boys after me saying get that N****R all the while since been doing alot of reading from the Cave Man until Now.A$$hole$ for whatEv they believe in or Lack there of ? Now we have billions more condesnsed on each other...Its Rat on Rat been that F**King way since the BIG BANG

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    Graham and Billy Mongoose have said all that needs be said... time to "fish, or cut bait", and those that remain on the sidelines are likely to be forever subjugated ....

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