Doing what i can to "prepare" for MCRD Parris Island
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    Doing what i can to "prepare" for MCRD Parris Island

    I say "prepare" because everyone i've talked to says nothing will prepare you, but i've lately been getting my running in and situps pushups pullups etc. Any tips or workouts to have me in amazing shape before i leave?

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    Stick to body-weight exercises. Do pushups until your arms don't work. Hold planks as long as you can. Do sit-ups, crunches, run, pull-ups, suicides, bear crawls. And of course, run.

    Best piece of advice I have for boot camp is the second you get a minute after you get your initial issue, write your last name in sharpie on the tags in your covers, blouses, trousers, and inside your boots and on anything else you want back. If you don't write it on the tags it will bleed through and ruin the items. If you don't label your stuff (and even if you do), you may never see that stuff again. We had guys who went through all of boot camp with two different size boots, etc. You don't get name tapes on your uniforms until you make it halfway through or so.


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    Keeping in mind that PT is just one component, if you can get to the point that excelling in PT is a non-issue, it will make life a little easier for you. If you're dead-set on a following a program, Stew Smith's 12 Weeks to BUD/S program is a good one. Obviously you won't be doing the same level of swimming as is required for BUD/S, but the benefits are very translatable to the PT you'll experience in boot.

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    MCRD is super freakin easy, just do what you are told that's basically it. Boot Camp barely does what it is designed to do anymore. People who shouldn't be Marines still make it through boot camp. They have to do more to prove that they did everything to keep you and graduate you than to drop you. It is a cakewalk, seriously they will basically force you to graduation unless they absolutely hate you and you are the biggest waste of space on the planet. Marine Corps boot camp is a friggin joke now.

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    ^^^ I agree. Sad to say but, "bootcamp was fun" is a common refrain from boot Marines these days. Didn't used to be that way. Guess it was inevitable with the way society has changed. Nothing anybody can do about it. They added a 4th phase to bootcamp which is nothing more than a two week mentoring program for the boot Marines meaning, no yelling, screaming, nor incentive training (basically organized PT and guided discussion groups all day every day).

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