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    Just a quick question

    At bootcamp, do they feed us breakfast before we pt? Or do we wake up and automatically start pt then eat? Iím only asking because Iíve got in such a routine eating the second I get up and then working out.

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    I asked my niece who graduated meritorious PFC (guide & squad leader) from PI 4 years ago. She said normally, they went to chow first (messhall opens at 0500 and lights come on in the squad bays at 0400). Occasionally, they PT'd first, but that was rare.

    She did not go to bootcamp as a contract PFC. She demonstrated her leadership abilities as guide and squad leader, and was recommended for meritorious PFC by her Senior Drill Instructor. 4th Battalion commander approved that recommendation. After bootcamp, she was a guide at Marine Combat Training (MCT), then went onto be class leader, honor graduate, and meritorious Lance Corporal out of MOS school (putting her two pay grades ahead of her peers). Point is, proof the Marine Corps recognizes, and rewards, sustained superior performance.

    Good luck with your journey to earn your EGA.

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    You generally have breakfast before any sort of PT. This may have changed or vary based off of company etc. I remember being to full at times, double rat

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