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    robbie's not a crusader, he's just trying to pick the girl up, give him credit for that. What get's me though, with all the illegal meskins in the world, why's the girl only trying to find one particular meskin? They're everywhere.

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    Russ.....think before you post, Brother......Do you have any idea, how many half Gook and half Cuban children and young adults are looking for their Daddy or Grandfather? And all they have to go on is he was known as #1.....

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    Yesterday, 07:46 AM

    PM me.,
    These Marines are out of line.
    It's a wonder they are
    allowed to insult and
    make fun of people with good intentions.

    Yesterday, 10:07 AM #16advanced

    robbie's not a crusader,
    he's just trying to pick the girl up.


    You're correct Russ..
    and he's trying NOT to be
    obvious about it -

    IF we pretend we didn't notice-
    betcha he'll keep it* up.........

    i mean...

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    This is crazy. You try to be nice to someone and get bashed fir it. Whats wrong with you people? Is it because they are female asking for help or is everyone wearing a target?

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    Calm down Cowboy.....most of us are not still wet behind the ears. We're old, bitter, and been there done that. So, don't expect everyone here to have a Rose garden in their back yard. Click image for larger version

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