Curse of the RE-3p
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    Curse of the RE-3p

    First post, bear with me if this in the wrong spot...

    I ventured out last night to find some info on getting back in and Jeebus... I'm sure you guys groan and roll your eyes at this sort of thing when you first click on it but I'm with you...

    Short version: I was 3/6, pushed Marjah 2010 as an 0311, got blown up, got out as a result, considering getting back in, looks practically impossible.

    Longer version: So, like I said, I got blown up which lead to a couple years of wasted time, bad information, and ultimately an honorable discharge with the RE-3p reentry code. I spent some time now looking it up, seeing what other people said, and wow... The vast majority of what I'm finding is I'm likely to just be lumped in with a bunch of turds who had a sore foot in boot camp, or reacted a little funny to an antibiotic... in boot camp... Or, got a little bit saaaddd... in boot camp... Or the fatties... Now they all regret that *cough vaginitis cough* and want to redeem themselves. Whatever.

    I got out for a handful of reasons. When I got blown up I took a good lick so was sent back to the states right away. Required a fair amount of dental work and about a year of physical therapy. Now, considering that was 25% of my contract a lot happened in there. The worst thing to happen to me was a change of command. Because of that, and them restructuring things / figuring out who's who I first stayed in my company (never went wounded warriors) and ultimately ended up in RBE because they did a quick turn around. It was out of my hands.

    I hated everyone in RBE from leadership on down (particularly the legal trash) except for all the other guys who were in my shoes that got shot and/or blown up and recovering or going through MedSep. At first my mindset was recovery, but that took time, and like I said I particularly hated my leadership, so I took advantage of the position I was in an hopped on the MedSep bus. Got linked in with the VA before I got out, good benefits, etc. I left those Camp Lejeune gates one last time, drove home to NY, never thought I'd look back. #Freedom.

    Well gents, there is grass on this side, and I'm sure it is greener for most. However, now that I've graduated from college (using VA benefits) I have been looking for a job. Nothing comes close to being fulfilling in my mind. Not even close. But I have to go back to work according to my contract with the VA so of course I asked myself "what would be fulfilling work?" and my 03-dumbdumb brain obviously went "Why don't you join the military again?"

    And here we are.. Digging around for information only to find I'm practically lumped in with the type of people I hate. The type of people who are probably clogging the pipeline causing the humans on the other end to just get fed up and rapid fire deny everything that comes across their desk so they can enjoy their coffee and be on their way.

    Things that are working in my favor is I'm in better shape now than I was even at the peak of Marjah. I'm capable of first class PFT's (even under the new standards? didn't know that was a thing but found that out) I'm only 28, no gf, no wife, no kids... And when I got out I went to school and got a bachelors so yes, I'd look to join the dark side and head to OCS. I was also never NJP'd when I was in and have no criminal record out here in the promise land.

    Things working against me: RE-3p is the biggest issue. Beyond that I can't join the Marines because I have a sleeve which was started while I was still in but my unit looked the other way. So yes, yes boys, I'd join the Army (vom). Otherwise, I'm pretty much set to be honest. I do own a house and have a dog which I thought would be the hard part... But I have enough money to float my house for a few years and have a friend who'd move in and watch the dog while I got my foot back in the door.

    Anyway, what would you guys do? Regardless of how you feel personally, just put yourself in my shoes for a minute... You're motivated, feel good, know you can do it, struggle to find anything else fulfilling, but you'd have to give up VA benefits which took time to get for something that isn't even a guarantee in that you're still rolling the dice on getting a waiver that seems to be as rare as a willy wonka golden ticket. And the way I see it I can't really petition the RE-3P to an RE1 with the Navy board because that was a legitimate thing. It's not like I'm going to someone saying I was misdiagnosed or had a drug shoved down my throat that my body didn't react to well. So I'd really have to waiver in...

    Just driving myself banananananas because while I sit here trying to find a way to claw back in I can't help but come across articles like "No combat Marines left to train boots" or "15% of Navy cant pass PFT" or "Deploy or get out" etc.

    Ssgt was right... I'd miss it. And I do.

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    Well young Marine, you sound like you've still got some **** and vinegar within you. I was an 0311 back in the Nam, I saw my share but was lucky and never got hit. One thing I realized though was that I never wanted to go back into where I had been ever again as I knew I had the charm, but also realized the charm only worked so far. Result; I got out of the MC and never looked back.

    I'd say your biggest hold back in your head is your VA rating, I don't know what your's is (mine is PTSD) but you seem to be looking at it's loss. When I came back I got scarfed up as a street cop in the projects and it totally satisfied all my needs for adrenalin rushes and excitement and it was paramilitary.

    I'd suggest that you look into being a cop as an alternative to the MC. Much better choice than the army, pay is better than the military and you get to go home every night so to speak. There are many of the types of men that you say you miss within their ranks, and with your history, I'd guess you'd have your choice of agencies, even the Fed with your degree and all.

    My suggestion is that you open your eyes wide, look into the possibilities around you. I think that you'll be surprised.

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    You don't say what % the VA has rated you at... at 10% you could re-enter the USMC, waiver required, which would be required in any case, since you have the tats and you're prior service.. Army and NG will take you with up to a 30% rating, again, waivers probably required... you need to check with recruiters for the latest scoop.... now that RE 3P.... nothing really terrible about that re code, all it means is that you have a medical condition which must be considered before you are allowed to reenlist... that nasty WAIVER issue again... oh, you need not give up your VA benefits BEFORE your waiver is approved, upon notification that your request for reenlistment is approved, you simply notify the VA that you are returning to active duty, provide them with a copy of your orders, and place your benefits in SUSPENSE until such time as you are again discharged....

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    Hey thanks for the replies.

    To iron out some wrinkles... I don't have all my eggs in the "I have to join the military" basket. One source of discouragement right now is coming from contractors. I've applied to many positions, heard back on quite a few, and run into the same problem with all of them... My clearance has expired. Furthermore, they aren't sponsoring them at the moment. I don't blame them as it is expensive to sponsor people for clearances. However, the VA will pay up to 60% of my salary during a "training period" with a company and for whatever reason nobody has bit on that. In other words, they'd save a ton of money on me. But, I keep trying. It's just discouraging.

    As for law enforcement... In NY I can't have tattoo's and be a trooper, so scratch that. Local sheriff does not allow sleeves but that doesn't matter because I'd make more as a military officer starting with a much higher ceiling. City police is an option here but again, while I'd start out making slightly less in the military, there is a much higher ceiling there.

    Now, my rating... 90%. Some may think this is shady, and I have never lied to the VA, but whatever they feed you about how frequently you're evaluated is BS or at least it has been for me. I've been out 6 years now and have only had 3 or 4 re-evals for something like 10 or 12 listed service connected things I have going for me. Again, I haven't lied to them or milked anything, but those evaluations were a long time ago (one shortly after a parental suicide) and infrequent. Nobody is going to f themselves, set up appointments to say "Hey! Me again, I'm fine now..." especially when you'd take a big hit in the wallet. That said, I wouldn't be at all surprised if I get lowered big time coming my next series of re-evals whenever that happens. Also -- I don't have PTSD as a listed condition either. I did hit the lottery though and got dental.

    Now, I would consider getting the ball rolling on lowering that rating should I have some type of real chance or offer sitting on the table and that was all that was standing in my way. So thanks for the info on the 30%, not having to give that up, and just having benefits suspended. I'd assume that all conditions would stay listed, just drop to 0%, and when / if I got out again they'd just fire back up and already be there. Which would also be attractive if I were to push and remain as a lifer.

    I think I'll go to a recruiter sometime this week and bounce some questions / ideas around with them. I did try in the past but finding someone who would work with me (which I know would be a pain in the ass with all the additional paperwork / waivers) but I couldn't get through to anyone motivated enough. I was also far less motivated and out of shape at the time so who knows.

    Thanks again

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    Can't help you.....I am content I made it out alive.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mongoose View Post
    Can't help you.....I am content I made it out alive.....
    I don't blame you. I'm sure I'll get more of the "you're crazy" than the "yeah man, go for it" but that's cool and to be expected.

    I think a lot of people get to leave on their own terms and are happy with that. Many have different priorities, a family to consider, etc.

    Ha, watch, I'll wake up sometime next week and be like "Good lord, what was a thinking? Whew, dodged that bullet."

    I read all about the inclusion this, soften that, acceptance here, stress cards there... And I'm sure that drives a many up a wall but I guess for the time being the reasons I miss it and would do it again outweigh the reasons I got out.


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    True, your sleeve will keep you out of the Corps, specially as an officer since their tattoo policy is stricter than for enlisted Marines. Army says you can have them anywhere except the face (hands and neck are fine). I led soldiers (and airmen) at USCENTCOM headquarters in Tampa FL. They were the reason I decided to punch out when I did, and earlier than anticipated - it was like running a day care center every day. All I can say is, if you expect to lead soldiers like Marines, you're in for a quick and rude awakening - maybe you'll have better luck than I did. They do not possess the same drive/work ethic, leadership abilities, etc. At least, the ones at USCENTCOM didn't (they were all POG's and mostly intel). You need to consider how you'd feel about your decision if your experience leading soldiers turns out to be similar to mine, and you're stuck with it. If you were looking to get back in and lead Marines that's one thing, but leading soldiers is a different animal, I can tell you from personal experience.

    Good luck with your decision.

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    your ratings would not "drop to 0%" if you placed your claim in "suspense"... the VA would simply note that you had returned for a period of active duty, and cease payments until you notified them that your AD was over.... never, ever ask the VA to "reduce or sever" a disability... they will be most happy to do so, and getting that disability reinstated will prove next to impossible... while I won't say it could never happen, at 90% your best bet would be to move in another direction, your military time is about done... as for law enforcement, there ARE other states that might not be as stringent about your sleeves......

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    Open your eyes, opportunities cannot be seen by the blind.

    Having been Marine Corps Infantry makes you a different breed, use it and don't let them tame you.

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    Question your disability rating did it go through the medboard and BUMED because if you got your disability rating through BUMED I dont think you can reinlist,any way I wish you all the best SSG. Semper Fi and God Bless

    Stephen Doc Hansen HM3 FMF.

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    Thanks all for the feedback.

    On to new adventures...


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