Poolee in need of advice desperately
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    Poolee in need of advice desperately

    So Iím in big trouble here, I swore in about 4 months ago, for that entire time I was putting in job requests to my recruiter But he always took very long to submit them and by the time he did, all 3 MOS slots were filled, so Iíd do it again. This continued until last week, when I was told that my only options were Aviation Support it open contract, and I ship out next week. Both of these are not anywhere near what I wanted and I have 0 interest in any job in aviation support. I understand the whole ďCorps comes firstĒ thing and I get it, but Iíve been putting in so many job requests and they just never contacted me back most of the time, even ignored my texts/calls, and now being so close to my ship date I finally got one but itís my only option, and it was probably somewhere near my last choice. I do not know what to do.

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    All the other poolees in my RSS weíre given contracts within about 2 weeks of swearing in. For me itís been months and all the ones that were available when I requested them are now filled because of how long my recruiter has taken to submit them each time. I never once missed a pool function or even a weekly PT and Iím in very good shape. Iíve given them no reason to dislike me so I donít believe thatís it

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    Years and years ago you would have known what to do.

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    USMC 2571 thanks for the response but I came here looking for advice not to be scolded or hear about the “old Corps”. From what I understand the air wing is a whole different Corps. I have been led on and lied to by the recruiters up until 2 weeks before my ship date when they only offer me 1 mos field, because now all the other ones I qualified for are filled. I’m not being picky, I requested at least 9 different fields that were open when I asked for them but my recruiter took forever to submit them and has constantly ignored my calls and texts.

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    Don't understand what you want us to tell you. You obviously have lost trust and confidence in your recruiters.

    You can stay in your DEP for 365 days, then you'll be discharged, if you don't ship before then. If you don't want to take what's being offered now, your only other option is to wait till they can offer you something you like - till your time runs out. That's all the advice I can give you.

    You are correct. Aviation is a different side of the USMC. But, most of the air wingers I knew liked their jobs (I did not have an aviation MOS but served two different tours with the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing in Okinawa, Japan). It's not the end of the world if that's where you end up.

    Good luck.

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    Tennessee Top, thanks. I just didn’t know if they’d discharge me for saying I want to wait so close to my ship date. I’ve been pushing hard for them to give me something else.

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    Don't ship until you have a job you are happy with. Absolutely. Do. Not. Period. It's the next 4 years of your life, or more. This is the most control you will ever have over your Marine Corps career. Put your foot down. If that means a DEP discharge and coming back in later on, so be it.

    My 2 cents as an infantryman. The infantry is its own beast within the Marine Corps. Do NOT let your recruiter intimidate you.


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    Poolees don't have to ship if they don't want to, but they may not tell you that because they want you to take that aviation support MOS (because that's what their district headquarters is pushing them to do). They do have to ship by the 365th day in the DEP. Recruiters don't just come up with MOS's and ship dates in their offices on their own. They're given their missions (quotas) by their district operations officer. The district operations officer gets their mission from the Manpower Management Branch at Headquarters Marine Corps. It's like a big funnel down to the recruiter on the street, and that recruiter can only do what they're told. If they can make you happy, that's great and that's what they'll do but, that's not their mission. Their mission is to ship qualified applicants to bootcamp.

    You should have a copy of the contract you signed to join your DEP. Look it over, and see what it says about staying in the DEP for 365 days. Then, talk to your recruiter about waiting for something better to come along. Let us know what they say.

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    And whatever you do, DON'T sign an open contract. That's how Marines become culinary specialists (field cooks).

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    You basically need to "tactfully" explain that you are joining the Marine Corps to be a Marine Corps infantryman, and you have been trying your best to communicate that to the recruiter. You are more than happy to ship to PI with an infantry contract, but you aren't comfortable with anything else.

    And absolutely do not sign an open contract. At least airwing is a decent life. But if you want to be an infantryman, you will be greatly disappointed.


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    Thanks a lot everyone. I am going down to the office to talk with my recruiter tomorrow. I know for sure I want to be in the infantry, my family has been infantry Marines for generations. I want to do it for them, and the Marine Corps, not so much myself. I feel really bad about telling them this close to my ship date. But I was all but promised infantry or field artillery (which I would be ok with) up until last week when they hit me with Aviation Support. I will keep updates on this posted.

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    From what it sounds like you have been upfront about this from the get-go, and they have lead you on. I wouldn't feel bad. They have a job to do as Tennessee Top said, and as a result of that, most recruiters are not putting the desires, wants, and needs of potential recruits in the forefront. Fortunately for you, you hold all the cards (despite what they may tell you). Don't ship until you have infantry. Period. Even if you have to wait, a few months is nothing compared to not having the job you want for potentially a whole career.


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    UPDATE: I pushed my recruiter hard and he ended up getting me Combat Support, my original second choice and I still get to ship out next week! As much as I want to be an infantryman, more so I just want to go be a Marine in the field! I’m hoping to be an 0811 but any job in that field would be fine with me. Thanks for the advice! Will be leaving for bootcamp in 3 days.

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    If your really want to be a grunt, wait! That said, there are some cool jobs in combat support. If you really wanted to be a grunt, but are cool with combat support, I'd actually put 0811 towards the end of your list. You'll get to do way more "direct action" stuff as a tanker, AAV crewmember, or LAAD gunner. Personally, I think AAVs are pretty cool. Not sure if you get a wish list at the end of MCT, but something to think about the next 5 months. Tanks and Tracks are cool as ****!

    Be sure you are going in under the "CE" enlistment option if you want combat support.

    Best of luck!


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    Honestly I’m just happy to not be in the airwing. Any way I can be in the field and support the grunts directly I am more than happy to fulfill a role wherever I’m needed, and I’m super stoked about still being able to ship out this Monday. Thanks a lot!

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