Going back in, need some insight
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    Going back in, need some insight

    I got out a little over 7 months ago and things really do suck going from a grunt to a civ, started working at a state prison in Georgia and I hate it, miss the corps even though I *****ed nonstop but thatís how it goes I guess, I contacted a prior service recruiter about the reserves so I could still be a part of something and have a career in law enforcement. I got a contract for 1833 AAV Operator which Iíve already spent plenty of time in so Iím familiar it. Came with a nice bonus and 3 year obligation to my reserve unit in Jacksonville fl. I leave for the school in April so if anyone here was an 1833 or can tell me what itís like getting out and going back in, life in reserves, or anyone thatís lat moved and can share their experience Iíd appreciate it. Semper Fi

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    Good luck to you Marine. S/F

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    Russ; he doesn't need luck; he needs psycho help. Just kidding! Good luck./


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    Can't answer your questions but you should consider yourself lucky. We see people wanting/trying to get back in (active duty/reserves) all the time but can't even get a prior service recruiter to talk to them, let alone make it work.

    Congratulations and good luck.

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