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    Camp LeJeune

    Looking for anyone who has been or know someone struck by lightning while at Camp Lejeune

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    Don't know about lightning strikes but I know their water is contaminated and has been for decades.

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    I know there was a jogger at MCAS New River, which is next to Camp Lejeune, that was struck by lightning and killed several years ago.

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    There was an SOI instructor struck and survived in the 80's.I am on this registry and the Gulf War as well.'

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    I agree about water. Am on list keeping informed about it

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    I was struck on a range and taken to a hospital some where but records do not reflect it. Been in battle with VA for years

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    Thank you for reply. I was struck in 1969. Been doing battle with VA since 1972.
    While I was taken to hospital there is no evidence of it in medical records

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    I'd just be thankful to still be alive ...

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    I am rated as 30% disabled by the VA. Thankfully, my medical records supported my claims. Your case is unfortunate (and common) but, you have to understand why the VA requires documentation to approve any claims. Otherwise, everybody who ever served would be receiving disability payments. Sounds to me your beef should be with the hospital and not the VA.

    Good luck.

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    Thank you for your reply. I understand what you mean.

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