Taking so long to enlist in to the marine corps. What can I do?
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    Taking so long to enlist in to the marine corps. What can I do?

    Hello everyone my name is Theo I live in Las Vegas NV. I am currently trying to join the marine corps and wondering why my process to enlist is taking so long.

    I am 18 going on 19 this month (march2017) I am married and have a 2 year old son.

    Back in June of 2017 I graduated from high school and immediately started to work with the marine corps. At the time my recruiters told me I either had to get married or give up full custody of my son to my girlfriend. I soon learned that as a girlfriend she would not have been able to travel with me. In August of 2017 we decided to get married.

    The next month I was scheduled for an asvab, a medical/ physical and to enlist on October 20th. (Asvab score 46) 3 days before my enlistment I was told I needed to have an interview with the commanding officer in Salt Lake City and submit a financial statement

    November 2017 I submitted my financial statement with no debts and money saved in my saving account.

    Itís been 5 months since Iíve gotten any interview date/ inquires about my financial statement.

    I have been keepin in contact with my recruiters as I go to PT every Monday and Wednesday.

    My 1.5 mile run is 14:27
    Pull ups are at 4
    Crunches 67 in 2 mins
    Push ups 48 in 2 mins
    I weigh 200 lbs standing 5í10

    If anyone can help me to understand as to why the process is taking so long for me it would be very helpful thank you.

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    Never been a recruiter so can't say for sure what the hold up is. But, I suspect they're not thrilled with you having two dependents, your ASVAB score is not great, your IST scores are also not great (if you double that run time for a 3 mile PFT, you'll fail the 3 mile run portion), and I believe you may be overweight for your height but have not checked the height/weight chart. Basically, they have to be under quota and needing bodies pretty badly to take you, is my personal opinion based on what you've said. There are no recruiters here on this page.

    Since you see your recruiters every week, you should be asking them this question. What are they telling you? If they're giving you the cold shoulder, or you feel like they're intentionally dragging their feet with you, it's time you take the hint, walk down the hallway, and talk to the other branches. They may be able to offer you a contract and ship you to basic training.

    Good luck, and let us know what they say.

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    Your recruiter may be waiting for a dependent waiver from the district headquarters. Have you asked your recruiter why it is taking so long?

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    @Tennesseetop at first I was thinking the same thing as to why it was taking so long but when I first started working with them I was well over weight. When I took my medical and physical I was 195 when the maximum weight for my height to enlist (5’10) was 205 so I did meet the weight requirement for me no enlist but they want me at 190 before I can be shipped to boot camp. So it’s not like I’ve been working with them and haven’t been showing any improvement over the months. Also my AFQT was 46 but my composit scores are as follows: MM: 114 GT: 111 EL:106 CL:102 they told me on paper I can really get any job I wanted as long as I meet the other requirements. I was wondering If I should go down to another recruiting sub station (marine corps) to see if they will say the same thing? Thank you for your insight sir!
    @kegler300 yes If asked multiple times and each response was Alon the lines of the CO is very busy he will have the interview with you soon. Also is a dependt waiver different from the financial statement? Thank you for your help sir

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    Your recruiter wants to enlist you as much as you want to enlist. The dependent waiver coupled with the MOS may be causing the delay.

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    Your run is too slow. You need to get it to 13:30 or less.

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    And maybe this from MCRCO 1100.1, dated 9 Nov 2011 (not sure if current, but should give you an idea what the District is thinking):

    Under no circumstances will an enlistment be authorized where the
    risk or potential for hardship is greater than normally encountered by
    applicants without dependents. Requests for a waiver may be submitted via
    the chain-of-command when, the opinion of the recruiting station commanding
    officer, the applicant is exceptionally well-qualified and does not face a
    greater potential for hardship than applicants without dependents.

    a. Married applicants for enlistment in the Marine Corps and Marine
    Corps Reserve, who have dependent(s) in addition to a spouse, require
    command involvement. The potential for hardship exists more readily in
    married Marines who have minor dependents in addition to their spouse.
    Ensure accurate Enlistee Financial Statements and realistic course(s) of
    action by the applicant, for the care and comfort of their dependents while
    the member is undergoing initial training and up to the time they will report
    to their first permanent duty station.

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    @tolzervman thank you For that it really helps too when what the CO might be thinking. So basically I have to really excel at everything in order for them to even consider accepting my waiver ? I understand that the marine corps does not want to have anyone with that much of responsibility and duty’s at home to just leave for almost a year for bootcamp, MCT, and mos school. What can I do to speed things up? To prove to the CO that my family will be taken care of and supported finically during my away time?
    As for the mile run I can make 13:30 in a few days cardio training as I have improved significantly over the year.

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    I would offer get your run down to below 12 min if at all possible. It's really not tough for someone your age. You just have to work at it. You can do it. Mind over matter. It's about all you control at this point. Best of luck!

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    From what I can see so far, you need two waivers and your run time is too slow.
    Waivers: Dependents and Weight.

    Yes, you must excel in order to improve your chances at waivers. I would try to improve your IST score in running and pull-ups, and I believe you need to lose weight. If you could get to 170, that should improve your chances and improve your run time and pull-ups.

    I don't know about your financial situation, but can you support your family for 3 months while in Boot Camp? You cannot start allotments while in Boot Camp as far as I know. Times could have changed.

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    The dependent is slowing you down, keep pushing to get higher scores on the IST and once the waiver gets pushed through you should have no problem i know in boot you can send money to your Wife/Girlfriend at least guys that had dependents when i went through did that and to be honest id ask to retake the ASVAB higher scores never hurt so study study study and work out to become the top dog.

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    ^^^recruiters are reluctant to have their poolees retake the ASVAB because it's a gamble. Scores can go down, instead of up, as we've seen here on this page (higher score is not automatic even with studying). Also, I believe there is a minimum waiting period before that test can be retaken but don't know what that time is.

    The OP answered his own question in my opinion. His recruiters want him at 190 and he weighs 200. The hold up is obviously the extra 10 pounds. Lose the weight first, and he'll most likely see some movement from the CO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tennessee Top View Post
    His recruiters want him at 190 and he weighs 200. The hold up is obviously the extra 10 pounds. Lose the weight first, and he'll most likely see some movement from the CO.
    Agreed. OP, get yourself to 180 or 175 and improve the run time. Then, the family and finance waiver will be easier to get.

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