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    Now, for your wife's sake, let's hope that he won't settle for anything less than being a grunt like many of us here were.

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    Thanks for your service by the way!

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    All I ever wanted to be growing up was to be a Marine. I knew that I wanted to be a grunt and by God, that’s what I became. My son also wants the 03 field. The odd thing is, each and every recruiter at the Marine Corps Recruiting substation are dissuading him from this choice. I don’t get it, I’m left scratching my head. I know from experience that being a grunt is the backbone of the Corps. I'm perplexed by their behavior.

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    Back in March 67, we graduated with 96 recruits, about 85 of us became 03's (needs of the Corps) which is what I wanted as well. As you remember, we are the backbone of the Corps. Of course, Trump is wanting to start a space cadet program, maybe they've already got a MOS for that.

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