HELP! Wife Dead Set On NOT Letting Our Son Join The Corps
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    HELP! Wife Dead Set On NOT Letting Our Son Join The Corps

    My 17yo son (HS Junior), will be 18yo in November, expressed to me this past week, that upon completion of HS he would like to join The Corps. This news came as a welcome surprise to me. I served in Our Corps from 1980-84.
    My son and I "broke" the news to my wife this past Saturday afternoon. I felt that hearing it from him would be more impactful than say, me telling her first and discussing it with her. It was a very, very ugly scene. Her emotions ranged from utter shock and disbelief, to anger bordering on rage. Of course, I took all of this personally. I maintained my composure and tried to explain all of the positive aspects of the Corps. What was most unsettling is that may son took this very hard. He is very upset that his mom is not supporting his decision.
    My wife wants him to pursue college application in spite of my son not wanting to head in this direction. He explained to his mother that he would attend college after The Corps. In confidence, I informed my son that I support him 100% in his decision and that in order to maintain harmony, for now, "go along" with the college process, but continue to pursue his desire to join The Corps.
    I would appreciate any and all feedback that other parents may have had in such a predicament.

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    Your son will be 18......he doesn't need Mama to hold his hand and make his life decisions anymore. Your wife needs to look at this with an open mind. It's her Sons life, not hers, that she is dictating. He needs to choose his on path in life. Your wife should stand down and keep her mouth shut, if all she can do is pizz and moan.

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    Thanks for the reply Mongoose. I agree with you on the point that he will be 18yo soon. That will negate any opposition on her part. As I stated in my post, some sort of harmony needs to be maintained in the meantime. My son and I will achieve this by allowing her to orchestrate the college visits. Meanwhile, I am doing all that I can to set him up for success to join Our Beloved Corps. I have already had a meeting with the local recruiter, so that my son is on their radar. He is also going to take the ASAVAB as soon as school lets out in the spring. Cheers

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    If it was my son, I would recommend to go Air Force. The Air Force knows how to live, along with all the same benefits in the end that all the rest of the Services have to offer. Why should he live the way they do in the Corps when he can live like a human being in the Air Force and the pay is always the same. Many more benefits in the Air Force. If I had it to do over again, that would be my choice.

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    Our daughter told us from 8th grade that she wanted to be a Marine...yeah, was right after 911, so I took it to mean her American Pride. BUT after graduating high school, she still wanted it! SO....I, too, made her go to county college JUST FOR ME...thinking as her mom.....I knew best! NOT TO BE...she obliged my request and in December of 2008 she asked to enlisted. THIS WAS HER DREAM!!! She wanted this to be her life. Unfortunately, she was injured...non-combat--THANK GOD, but....she had 2 surgeries and after 3 years was medically discharged...HOW DO YOU THINK I FEEL?!?!? Had I let her go when she wanted...maybe....maybe not....she would have walked a different path that particular day and NOT gotten hurt and still be IN seeking & fulfilling her dream. WE HAVE TO LET OUR KIDS GO!!!!! God will just have to believe!!! Let him join. Sure...your heart will break...more so if something see your kid happy...THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS!!!!

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    That’s what Youngmen do that have a Backbone...they join the USMC since 1775 for God Duty Country & Mom hell they even do 10 more pushUPs for MOM...Aye Aye Semper Fi

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