Ship date needs to be pushed back
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    Ship date needs to be pushed back

    I'm new to this, so forgive me if I'm not doing this format correctly. My husband and I signed our son into the delayed entry program for the Marine Corp"s". The recruiters told us that he would go in September 2018 as he is still 17 and will be graduating high school in June. He took his ASVAB and scored a 53. He would like to be in the infantry. After he took his test and went for his physical they gave him a ship date of July 9th, 2018. We have told the recruiter July is too soon. We were told September. As it is my husband and I are having a hard time our son is leaving let alone him leaving 30 days instead of 90 days after graduation in June like the recruiter told us. We asked to have the date changed to September. The recruiter told us he will tell us boss and see what they can do. My question is, what can I do to have the ship date changed to September?
    Thank you

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    Congratulations on your son wanting to be part of the best! I hope he makes it through boot camp and graduates. It's time for you and your husband to realize that you have both raised him and made the decisions for him in he past , but when and if he ships is up to the Marine Corps. You also need to realize that the needs of the Marine Corps comes first, and that will always be the case.


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    My advice is......take off your apron and let go. Let him make his on decision. The last thing he needs is Mother of America dictating his situation.

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    I shipped to boot camp two-weeks after I graduated from high school. I set my own dates (with the recruiter) and my parents left me alone to do it as it was my life. Their only requirement was that I graduate from high school first, which I thought was reasonable. Still do.

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    ask him if he wants to go that early, my parents asked me and now im leaving the day after i graduate

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    Let him go stop holding him back your gonna smother him a make him pussy the corp will make him or break but either way he will be better for it.
    No parent want's their child to leave home but this is a privilege and you should be honored for your son he is getting a chance many do not.

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    Cut the chord let him go. Besides there are very few deployments happening unless he gets a chance to get on a UDP he is going to be a garrison 03. Ultimately it circles back to point one let him go he will be his own man from now on. The Corps has him now.

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