Going back in as an Officer?
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    Question Going back in as an Officer?

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post.

    The Short of it is, I was medically discharged sep of 2014 for a heart issue (I think i'm being misdiagnosed but thats a different story) and fractured lower spine (not sure if fractured, pending X-rays).

    Got out, followed a girl to Phoenix, went to school a bit, dropped out of school to work full time due to financial reasons, and now looking to go back in.

    I always loved the Marine Corps and hated how I had to get out. Everytime I walked down my hallway and looked at the plaque my company gave me before I got out just killed me. Now that I broke up with my ex, it would mean the world to me if I can get back in. I'd really like to go back in as an officer. I'm 24 right now (birthday is August). I enrolled back into school full time online while also working full time and will start classes next week. I have like 40 credits done so far.

    I talked to an OSO in person a month ago and he said I'm a stretch, but not impossible. He asked me to come to a PFT session. I emailed him a few days later asking what time and where the PFT will be, he never replied. I had also requested info online, so I got a text and email from him a week later that was a general send out to all potential candidates asking to fill out a form to see if I rate an interview. I texted back saying how I met with him last week and I guess he didn't even remember me.

    My question is, do I actually have a chance? Should I keep bugging the OSO or did he just not want to tell me I'm not worth it with my medical and stuff?

    Thanks gents

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    Personally; based on your post; profile and past posts; if I was the one making the decision to allow you to come back into the Corps; I would pass on you. There's too many well qualified candidates available. Just my opinion.


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    Wishing you all the best but Idoubt they will let you back in with heart issues.Because I am a retired Doc Corpsman I can tell you you probably have 0 chances of going back in, Wishing you good luck though.

    Stephen Doc Hansen HM3 FMF

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    I'm not qualified to make a educated post......but, from what you have said, I would think you have zero chance.

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    1. If you were medically discharged just four years ago, why would you think they would now let you back in?
    2. If you think you were misdiagnosed, why see OSO or a recruiter before seeing a cardiologist for a second medical opinion? It will be the same old thing, unless you have another medical expert give his or her pronouncements. How would a heart ailment go away in four years? It won't. So if, as you said, you think you were misdiagnosed, wouldn't a new diagnosis make sense before doing anything else?

    Just things to consider. Good luck.

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    Cpl, first you need to be full-time enrolled in an accredited college or university. You must have and maintain a 2.00 or better GPA. And you must have a minimum of 225 on the PFT. I will tell you that the PFT has changed, and if you want to present a competitive package before the selection board, you need to be pumping out a 250 or better.

    As far as your prior service, if you got out on medical, one of the things they look for is your Seps Code and your Reenlistment Code. Did you file for VA disability? If you did, you would need to contact the VA and withdraw your disability claim. You will need every piece of medical documentation you can muster, to include current med docs and copies of the med docs from your med record. You will need to take a phys, either through MEPS or DODMERB, your OSO will tell you. Once all that stuff is taken care of all your medical stuff is submitted to BUMED for certification and/or a medical waiver approval. You will also need to furnish your OSO a copy of your DD 4, and DD 214. They will look you up in MCTFS to retrieve your prior service information and check on your last Pros and Cons. You will be required to furnish the OSO with a residual application, that they will give you, 5 references (Dean, Professor, Employer, and two others), this is annotated on the residual application. You will need to furnish them with an official school transcript, and they will hand you a NAVMC 10469 ( Academic Certification Form) for the school to fill out on you.

    Do you have any tattoos, NJPs, traffic violations, drug use etc? They will need to know, because most of these will require a waivers.

    If you are wondering how I know all of this, I've been working in an Officer Selection Station for the past 18 years.

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    ^^^I take it you're a career recruiter. How did you manage to stay in one place for 18 years? I know a CWO who is a career recruiter and he's been to 3 different duty stations in the last 5 years (maybe it's different with officers). Just curious.

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