My mother won't meet with the recruiter
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    My mother won't meet with the recruiter

    Hey Marines, I need your help, please. I've talked to my mom about enlisting, however, her vision of recruiters (albeit some are not far fetched from examples) are that they lie to get you into the branch they represent and that they are the practically the sleazy salesmen of the military. I still would like for her to talk to them because I've compared a lot of what my recruiter has said to what it says online, and pretty much everything he has said is true. Despite this fact, she is still adamant about not speaking, and allowing me to take the time between now and till I turn 18 (3 months), to change my mind. Honestly, I'm trying to look at other options and the Marine Corps just looks like the best option to me. Not only does it present the opportunities that I wish for, but it also gives me a sense of pride, satisfaction, and challenge. Thank you very much.

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    If you really want to join the World's Finest, wait until your 18 and make that decision for yourself.

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    Just wait, 3 months will fly by.

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    No need to cause your mom anguish so don't push the recruiter on her. Just wait till you turn 18 then do what you need to do.

    Good luck.

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    Do what everyone has advised. And you do not need our help. All you need is to wait, and in the meantime, try not to discuss any of this with your mother unless she is going to be positive about it. If not, avoid the subject altogether. That's my advice. There is absolutely nothing to be gained by you and your mom getting into it like you were Democrats vs Republicans on a major issue like this one of you joining the military. She is undoubtedly feeling that if she refuses to meet with the recruiter, then you might change your mind. And I'm not sure where she is getting her info from about how all recruiters act.

    In any event, just bide your time. It's a matter of months, not years. Good luck. But in my opinion you should not keep talking about it with her. That just leads to ill feeling, arguments, etc

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    Keep us updated on this same thread, please. Curious as to how it turns out. Good luck.

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