1973 boot camp
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Thread: 1973 boot camp

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    1973 boot camp

    Hello Marines,
    This old man is having a serious memory lapse. I went to PI in Jan 1973. SDI was a Gysgt Sherman. 3rd Bn. I cannot remember the plt and I cannot find hardly any information for 1973. I thought it was plt 305, but cannot seem to find it anywhere. I was plt guide. Any help would be appreciated.
    I graduated as PFC.
    Thanks to all.
    C. Owen

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    Doubt there was such a platoon as 305 back then (you're missing a number).

    I was in the 3rd herd in 1972 (San Diego), and my platoon number was 3062. You may have more luck finding info if you can identify your platoon number correctly.

    Good luck Devil Dog.

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    did find a plt 307 from 1973 .going to assume 305 would have been in that series

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    Yessir I was in Plt 307 but in Jan 68 it was 305 series

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    I began PI Januraury 67 in platoon 336. We were 1st in our series with 337 & 338 upstairs. We graduated March 67.

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