1st Sergeant called Top?
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    1st Sergeant called Top?

    Guy on Twitter claiming to be a first shirt and calling himself Top. I thought only MSgts were addressed top. What's the deal?

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    I never knew a Marine 1st Sgt who allowed anyone to call him Top. It was address him as 1st Sgt or take the consequences.

    Now, I guess in the Army that might be acceptable to some, but never in my experience in and around Marines.

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    We have several senior NCO members here. I myself am a Command First Corporal. That being said....anything above an E-6, was like a General, in my day. Some one will come along and answer your question shortly. Be patient.....you know how senior NCO's like to sleep late.

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    Call a 1stSgt a 1stSgt. Call A MSgt. a MSgt. or Top if they prefer that name. Call a Sgt.Major a Sgt.Major and a MGysgt. a Master Gunnery Sgt.

    Some Msgt's will jump all over you if you call them TOP. A TOP is something you spin with a string, be careful and ask them what they prefer. Good Luck.

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    How do you like being a Basic Supply Man rj3000?

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    In my MOS 0844, the usual progression was to MSgt. The MSgt would work in Battalion S3 as the Ops Chief. I worked for a couple, and they both were called Top. In the 70s, nobody would dream of calling a 1stSgt "Top". This guy on Twitter displayed a couple of red flags that cause me to question his validity.

    Also, are Amtracs still called Amtracs? I thought now they are referred to as Assault Amphibians?

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    BTW, thanks for your replys.

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    calling a 1st Sgt "TOP" a a SUREWAY to earn a severe ass chewing.. ONLY a MSgt is called "TOP", and then, only if he is comfortable with the term....

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    I thought that Master Gunnery SGTs were like to be called,TOP????? Although I was lucky I could call them TOP or Master Guns
    I worked and was close to alot of great Staff NCOS.

    Semper Fi and god bless you all

    Steven Doc Hansen HM3 FMF

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    This guy's Twitter handle is "@top_sergeant", and his display name is "1st Sergeant (Top)". This discrepancy immediately caught my attention.

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    A poser....Oh Lord, say it ain't so.....say it aint so....the internet is a proving ground for them.

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    1stSgt's are indeed called 1stSgt's and nothing else.

    Ifa MSgt/MGySgt want's to let themselves be called Top, that's at their discreation, and their's ONLY...!!!

    AmTracs or AAV's are still the same at this point... Amphibious Assault Vehicles

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    Having been one, either Master Sergeant or Top was acceptable to me (interchangeable in my mind). Top is just a reference to being the top enlisted Marine in the shop and nothing derogatory.

    Knew plenty of First Sergeants during my career obviously. Never once heard one of them called "Top". We would sometimes refer to our 1stSgt as "first shirt", just never in their presence.

    Have heard MGySgts sometimes called "Master Guns" for short.

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    Thank you Top. That was my understanding as well.

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    Do you all mean that someone is pretending to be a Marine, one of us? There's a swarm of them down here.

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