Democrats Want to Force Tide to Change Its Pods So People Wonít Eat Them
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    Democrats Want to Force Tide to Change Its Pods So People Wonít Eat Them

    Democrats, can't live with them and can't shoot them...

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    Good post Pat. This is just another indication of how we abuse our young people. I have also heard that like cigarette companies, Proctor and Gamble is putting ingredients in their Tide Pods, that is highly addictive. That being said.....parents are also to blame, for not providing an alternative snack for their children. I remember many day in the Nam, when a handful of Tide Pods would have gotten you plenty of Cigarettes and Beer rations. What I'm saying is, our young people are being shamed, simply because they are hungry and lonely. On the bright side....there is a new movement of Tide Podders, demanding that, not just Tide, but all washing detergents companies, provide multi-colored Pods. This will also provide competition in the Pod business, resulting in lower prices, for all our American Podders.

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    I really like Brittaney Hughes...very intelligent gal.

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    Russell, this isn't a likeathon.....our young people are facing a real crisis. Too many grownups are belligerent to the cry's of our future leaders. We should be embracing our young warriors who have the guts to eat Tide. It proves that our young are not afraid to be different. They relish new challenges. I personally think Tide Pod eating should be added to our Olympic Games. Lets band together, and stand proud behind the younger generation of Detergent Eaters, or as they are affectionately know....PODDERS.

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    First thing we have to realize is that our supposed leaders of today are the Hippies of the 60's who we all know were worthless.

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    ROFLMBO... Podders... that's, I mean, Groovy...

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    Billy, you have my vote for podders... I especially like your idea to add podding to the Olympic Games as an event.

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    I can assure all of you, that Podders have a lot to offer our Country. I know some will laugh, but the truth takes a special kind of person to eat detergent. It shows imagination and a willingness to step into the unknown. It has already has shown it's potential as a hygienic breakthrough, as it eliminates the need to brush your teeth or use mouthwash. It will keep your digestive system free of bacteria, and provide you with a bowel movement that smells like your shetting dryer sheets. In turn, it eliminates the need to use bathroom spray scents, that makes your bathroom smell like someone just shet a pine tree or a rose bush. I personally think that " Podders " may very well be on the path to cleaning up all the Shet this Country has gotten in to. At the very least make it smell better.

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    Billy, you're a genius...why haven't you ran for Congress???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mongoose View Post
    that makes your bathroom smell like someone just shet a pine tree or a rose bush.
    I would think that it might also make you ars feel like you're Shetting pine tree or a rose bush as well...

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    Keg.....I start itching, just looking at that picture......I hate fiberglass insulation. That being said, I can eat my weight in polyethylene ....

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    Amiri King

    19 hrs

    Yeah man.
    This is where we are at.

    About this article

    So Now People Are Vaping With Tide Pods And I'm Officially Done With 2018
    I think it's about time we cancel the rest of 2018 because people have graduated from eating Tide Pods to now vaping the detergent inside of them.

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    It didn't take long......our Millennial's have once again proved that the World is there for their taking. They have now found a cure for Lung Cancer. Cancer cells cannot survive in the Bleach, in a Tide Pod. Podders, have found a way to clean out your lungs and stomach. They also found that farting a Tide bubble, helps re freshen the surrounding air, thus helping the environment. There is no limit for these Podders. Already in the making, ( I'm told ), by an inside Podder, that a Feminine Tide flavored doush, will soon hit the shelves. It will also kill the germs that produce VD and keeps the Crabs running for cover.
    Just released......3 of our leading Podders have been nominated for the Nobel Prize in Medicine........this is truly a great day, Marines.

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