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    I wonder how that tide flavored doush tastes. Does it come in mint?

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    Russ.....I have heard it comes in several flavors, including Mint Tuna, Vanilla Salmon, and Rose Bud Shrimp.

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    It's amazing to me, that there is little response to this very important issue. We cannot turn our backs on reality. Our Millennial's are making History, while we are wasting our time focusing on things of little importance. Our military, immigration, infrastructure, and 2nd. amendment rights are consuming our lives, while we refuse to support issues that define us as a Country for everyone. We have not shed one tear for our Transgenders, that struggle daily over which restroom to use. We have no idea what going to sleep as a man and waking up as a woman feels like. The days of knowing the sex of your newborn baby, is over. I think States should wait until the child is 10 years old, so as to have time to choose the sex status he desires, before putting sex of child on Birth Certificate. This plan is also a plus for Parents who wanted a ( girl or boy ) and got a different gender. It will also solve the problem of those who marry Bi-sexual partners. As a transgender, you will be able to satisfy your loves sexual preference, on a daily basis.
    Tomorrow, my Commentary will cover the Black Lives Matter Movement and why it is why it is needed, if we are to survive.

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    Does it come with nose clips then?

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    "the podders" should be encouraged to continue their "experimentation" with new ways to use the popular product... after all, even if their discoveries are not "miraculous", they ARE doing the country and the world a great service by voluntarily removing their DNA from the gene pool..... keeps guys like us from being called derogatory names when WE have to remove them........

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    We're "Podders"... part of the new Democratic party...
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    download (2).jpg

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