advice for a pooleee striving to be company honor man
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    advice for a pooleee striving to be company honor man

    Good evening Marines.

    I was wondering if you guy could give a future brother some advice to become the company honor man in boot, if you guys could reply ASAP that would be awesome because Im shipping on Monday. stay strong and motivated Marines, happy to serve with you all in the future.


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    I never like to discourage people from being as good as they can... but I'd say volunteer when asked and if unsuccessful don't stress out about it. It's 50% ability to lead, physical condition, and drill prowess, and 50% how much your DIs like you.

    We had a kid in my company who was a Harvard grad who was ineligible for SEALs so wanted to go recon (and I later found out successfully made it through the indoc and in to recon) who the DIs didn't leave as guide and therefor allow to be honor man because he wasn't enough of a suck up, or perhaps they wanted to give it to some 18 year old with less experience. Bottom line this kid was an athlete, natural leader, and ended up making it among the Marine Corps elite but for whatever reason couldn't win his DI's over.

    But anyway, as I said... be a PT god, learn about what being a good leader is and apply that, and then balance that with what your DIs want to see. If it doesn't work out for you, don't be to broken up it neither signifies anything about your worth nor dictates how you will do in your overall USMC career.

    Best of luck


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    Outstanding advice as usual from Mike. Keep in mind that any supposed glory from being appointed to that position will be extremely short lived anyway and weeks after the fact will be remembered by no one.....focus on doing well in boot camp. That will be a more realistic goal.

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    Company Honor Man is chosen from all the platoon Honor Men. To be chosen, you must have the highest rifle score, highest PFT/CFT scores (meaning perfect scores), highest academic test scores, highest score on the Battalion Commander's Inspection, etc. Basically, have the highest overall scores in the company.

    Good luck.

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    The question should really say, I want to complete boot camp how do I do this. Don't really understand the reason people right out the gate start asking about being honor this or guide or squad leader at boot camp. In the grand scheme of things it doesn't mean anything unless you don't get that promotion to PFC right out the gate. I have asked 0 people and could not care less what you were or did in boot camp.

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    Completely true. They strive for extra things these days, when the focus should be Back To Basics. All the rest is just window dressing, and ultimately meaningless, as Munky said.

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