Poolee questions about Recon Marines.
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    Poolee questions about Recon Marines.

    Hey everyone Iím a USMC Poolee atm shipping out in August and Iím interested in going Recon. Now I know I might not even make it to recon might fail at BRC or I might succeed nonetheless I want the challenge and I would love to challenge myself and see how far I can push myself. However I have a son on the way and most likely a wife in the near future. Mostly worried about the child. Would you recommend going recon with a family, I understand that simply being a marine will take a lot of time away from me and my family, and I know I would be away for longer with Recon (If I make it) But would you say it's something that you would do/recommend? Thanks in advance

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    there are several recon folks on the site who may weigh in but you probably won't like what they say. From your post I doubt seriously that you have your priorities correct in order to be a recon person.

    You've got to graduate boot camp first! Got a son coming; maybe a wife later? The Marine Corps is not concerned how long you are way from your family. The Corps is not your mother or father. Grow up!

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    Right I understand that. What I am trying to say here is, my goal is to become a recon marine, or something I would love to do. However I also have my responsibility with my family. So I want to find a balance in a way. My question here is pretty much on other recon marines experiences would they recommend it for somebody with a family, if that makes sense. At this point I am unsure on whether or not to commit to Recon or commit to just the Marine Corp.

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    Most likely a wife? The USMC does not accept single parents. Meaning, you give up custody of the child, or marry its mother and end up with two dependents. Have you talked to your recruiter about this situation?

    You understand, as a Recon Ranger, you'll be gone a lot (true). You don't mention how willing the child's mother is of being left alone to raise an infant on E1 and E2 pay (she may qualify for food stamps depending on the cost of living in her area).

    I can tell you one thing (you must consider) cause I saw it happen too often. When you're deployed to some far away land (and your wife has no clue where you are cause you can't tell her), the first time she shows up at your commanding officer's office crying cause she can't pay the bills or handle raising the baby by herself, you will be coming home and standing on the carpet in front of the CO's desk (with a ton of explaining to do). The last thing your command will tolerate is a Marine not taking care of his responsibilities at home - because those problems will become the command's problems.

    You need to sit down and have a serious conversation with your recruiter ASAP.

    Good luck.

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    first of all, I hope your (possible), future wife, if she decides to marry you understands that the needs of the Corps will always come first.
    secondly, it takes a very special person to be strong enough to be the spouse of a Marine, the long separation periods just being grunt alone is hard let alone if you qualify and are chosen to be apart of Recon.

    I would think this through and have a true everything out in the open conversation with you Girl Friend.

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    Right so I have all of this settled with my recruiter. Lets leave the wife part out, just put that there just incase, currently not with the mother of the baby, shes currently pregnant. When I do leave for Bootcamp I will need to give up my rights until I am a Marine. After that I get my rights again and everything is fine. IF and I mean IF things workout with the mother and I, then I will marry her, if not then she will be out of the picture. Until I am done with all my training she will be staying back home with our child and her parents. And also I will be going in as an E2 if it matters at all. I am not worried at all about the financial side or the ridiculous thing about them showing up at my CO's office. All I am concerned and would like to inform myself more about is the "lifestyle" per say of a recon marine. I just want to hear experiences from a Recon Marine that has family or even just a girlfriend, to just hear his experience of how that went/was.

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    And yes I have spoken to her about it and while she isnt jumping with joy about it she supports me. I also told her about Recon however just told her it was something if possible I would love to do but I was researching before making any decisions. My options regarding MOS is either attempting 0321 Recon, or just simply staying with the 2651. Just to note, more worried about my child more than anything, if I didnt have him on the way, I wouldve signed my contract for 0321 already. Idk how **** will go with the mother so im not even trying to make that an important subject.

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    Not a Recon Marine. Maybe one will drop by.

    Good luck.

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    Fingers crossed. Thanks for your time and input sir. Good luck to you and have a great night

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    Good questions OP.....others will be along to help answer your questions

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