Reserves to Active?
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    Reserves to Active?

    Im currently a 0811 reserves trying to go active, what steps should I take and has anyone done it? Ive looked everywhere including this forum and cant find a straight answer other than go AR. Some ideas I heard were going for recon which I want to do but I can find dick on if I can still volunteer for it past MCT. Or getting a dd-214 then signing an active contract, but I have yet to hear or find anyone who has done that. Any help would be appreciated. I think this is where I put yut or kill or something like that...

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    You didn't say anything about talking to your command or I-I Staff. I assume somebody in your unit has done it or tried to do it in the past. The answers may be right there in your backyard.

    Good luck Devil. Read the similar threads below your post.

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    Talk to the I&I staff at your unit. Prior service recruiter may also be able to help you work this out - take the initiative, Marine!


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