More "PC" destroying the Military...
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    More "PC" destroying the Military...

    COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A two-star general who recently headed the 4th Infantry Division at Fort Carson was denied a promotion to three-star after referring to a congressional staffer as "sweetheart" during a meeting in 2016.

    That's according to military news outlet Stars and Stripes, which reports that Maj. Gen. Ryan Gonsalves was administratively reprimanded after an investigation into the incident. His specific punishment, aside from being denied the promotion to lieutenant general, wasn't released by the Army.

    It stems from a meeting in October 2016 between Gonsalves and office staff with Rep. Jim Langevin (D-Rhode Island) at Fort Carson. According to a report, Gonsalves called a female staffer "sweetheart," and commented on her age.

    Gonsalves also told the staffer to take notes "since she was a Democrat and did not believe in funding the military," according to a report from the Army Inspector General.

    Other staffers called Gonsalves' comments sexist, though others stood up for him as a professional. A complaint wasn't immediately filed about the exchange. However, Stars and Stripes reports that an anonymous complaint to the Army IG was made after reports surfaced that Gonsalves was up for a promotion to three-star general.

    Gonsalves had testified that he didn't call the staffer "sweetheart," but the IG report says evidence didn't support "his recollection."

    The Army IG recommended the report go to a Judge Advocate General for future action.

    Gonsalves is currently serving in an assistant administrative role at Fort Hood, Texas.

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    Just another example of leftist bullcrap.

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    I'll say it's time the Republican States declared a States Convention and overhaul our Government. I never thought I'd ever live long enough to see our Country destroyed....not by a foreign Country....but by the immoral, belligerent, Progressive azzholes in America.

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    what we should do in my humble opinion is collect all of these anti-military, anti-police, anti-Trump, pro-communists in this country, send them off to Kalifornia, NY, MASS and NJ while cutting those states off from ALL forms of military, police, federal protections and FUNDING and we'll see just how "hard core" they really are..... always be careful what you ask for, you just might GET IT.....

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    Should of bent Sweethearts a$$ over his knee and commenced on Spanking it w/Authority !

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    We ain't seen nothing yet. Just wait till Oprah becomes the new Commander In Chief! New cars for everybody!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tennessee Top View Post
    We ain't seen nothing yet. Just wait till Oprah becomes the new Commander In Chief! New cars for everybody!!
    God help us all....

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    Total bullsh!t. Say one word, don't even do anything, and you're screwed. Hell, just have someone say that you said something "inappropriate" and you're done - it's kinda fun seeing that hit all the Hollywood types, but at the same time no.

    Just no. Whatever happened to "guilty until proven innocent"? Oh, wait, that's what we have now...

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