17 things Marines need to know for 2018...
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    17 things Marines need to know for 2018...

    17 things Marines need to know for 2018

    The Marine Corps pushes into 2018 under a cloud of uncertainty.

    The Corps’ leadership wants to grow the force, but how to pay for it remains unclear. Marines are still in Afghanistan training, advising and assisting in a classic counterinsurgency fight, but the Corps also feels a growing urgency to prepare for a full-scale conventional fight against a near-peer adversary like Russia or China.

    The readiness problems of the past five years are more pressing than ever — especially in Marine Corps aviation — but the top brass has been unable to offer a long-term solution.

    Here’s a preview of what’s in store — and what’s in flux — for the Marines in 2018
    New in 2018: Plans to grow the Corps on hold

    Plans to grow the force may be on the back-burner in 2018.
    New in 2018: ‘Fast drying’ and ‘lightweight’ tropical uniform and boots

    Marines in Hawaii have been testing the new tropical uniforms.
    New in 2018: Corps adopts M855A1 round

    The Marine Corps will be adopting the Army’s enhanced 5.56mm rifle round for Marines in combat.
    New in 2018: F-35B baptism of fire

    F-35Bs will deploy with two Marine expeditionary units in 2018.
    New in 2018: CH-53K Super Stallion heavy-lift helos

    The first four new heavy-lift helicopters will be delivered in 2018.
    New in 2018: 1.6 million troops will choose between old and new retirement systems

    Troops will have to decide to stay with the traditional military retirement system or move to the new Blended Retirement System.
    New in 2018: Big Tricare changes are on the way

    Is your doctor part of the new Tricare network?
    New in 2018: Lawmakers gear up for military pay and benefits fights

    The annual pay raise and ongoing military housing reform proposals will once again be a defense budget focus in 2018.
    New in 2018: US troops return to the front lines in Afghanistan

    In what appears to be a bit of deja vu for America’s longest war, U.S. troops will once again be patrolling alongside their Afghan counterparts in far larger numbers and at a more tactical level than the previous years.
    New in 2018: The fight against ISIS evolves

    The Islamic State group’s physical caliphate in Iraq and Syria has been destroyed, but the group is not defeated.
    New in 2018: Corps will select upgraded amphib vehicle

    The *Marines will select a new combat Assault *Amphibious Vehicle to replace the current fleet.
    New in 2018: Replacing Light Armored Vehicles’ obsolete anti-tank turrets

    The workhorse vehicle will remain in use until 2035.
    New in 2018: Marines to field new radar system

    The Ground/Air Task Oriented Radar has been under development for a decade.
    New in 2018: Court-martial for Parris Island Battalion commander

    Lt. Col. Joshua Kissoon was charged subsequent to the death of recruit Raheel Siddiqui.
    New in 2018: ‘Forever GI Bill’ changes take effect

    Benefits will expand for post-9/11 Purple Heart recipients.
    New in 2018: Services to focus on excess training, education requirements

    Each service was directed to provide recommendations on how to streamline training requirements.
    New in 2018: Historic Marine Corps battle anniversaries this year

    Many battles that have a special place in Corps history will have major anniversaries in 2018.

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    I will say this.....recruit Raheel Siddiqui should never been allowed into the Corps to start with. Good Marines are being made examples of and getting their lives and careers shot all to shet. Muslim panty waist azzwipes have no business in the Corps. Everything that the D.I. did to this candy azz, has been part of the Corps since it's beginning. I am so sick of all the azz kissing going on with every minority that breaths air. I am glad I'm not in today's Corps.

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    Only time will tell if this crappy "PC" mentality will depart from the Military...

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    Mike.....until these would be warriors, that make up the rules, are faced with the reality that you don't make Marines by being nice and polite to boots. Until they are face to face with death....they will never know there are no rules, when trying to stay alive. Rules of engagement falls on deaf ears when your life is on the line.

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