P-3 Dilemma
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Thread: P-3 Dilemma

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    P-3 Dilemma

    Is there any Y to reenter any branch with a p-3, horseshoe kidney?
    This is a medical anomaly with a hair line fusion...any way around?
    Serious responses only.

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    I am not familiar with the use of a horse shoe to make a kidney. However, I have a long steel bracket that holds my right arm together. Isn't it wonderful how we can today......take scrapes of medal and make body parts. However, with the hairline fusion you have....I would think you would need to see a Welder. Another thing....we have plenty of horse shoes out here, so get in touch with me if you need a donor. Good Luck.

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    That is good advice, Billy, as always.

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    Amaizing1....I talked to a Veterinarian yesterday....he said there may be a Y. If you could get a waiver from the Horse who donated his horseshoe to you, to use as a Kidney, stating he or she, was in good health when the donor shoe was removed, you may be able to get into the Air Farce.
    I found that there has been several cases of P-2 Kidney anomaly, being able to reenter the service. However, none of these cases involved hair-line fusions. I found out you can not weld on a horse shoe kidney.....it has to be soldered, as welding could melt your kidney. Also the Veterinarian said, as long as you wasn't pizzing rust...you was good to go. Good Luck again. Hope this is helpful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amaizng1 View Post
    Is there any Y to reenter any branch with a p-3, horseshoe kidney?
    This is a medical anomaly with a hair line fusion...any way around?
    Serious responses only.
    First lets get this strait you have a Kidney that's shape like a horse shoe or what??
    Second you'll need to check with your Doctor and see if he will sign a waver to allow you to enlist..
    Third Check with the recruiting station or stations your want to enter and ask them point blank if this would disqualified from going active duty?
    Good Luck on your checking..

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    I believe it is still a DOD disqualification,but talk to a recruiter.

    Current or history of horseshoe kidney (753.3) is disqualifying.

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    My point for the joking is......this is a Marine Corps Web Site, not the A.M.A. This OP can not get the info he needs here. If in fact, this person has already been in the Military, he or she, should already know who to contact.

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    Actually a human only needs one kidney to work for two.That's why they ask " Won't you Donate a kidney to a fellow Veteran"My answer is no-because being diabetic cancels me being a good kidney donor.I need it to give to my brother.He has 40% kidney function left.It is True a Horseshoe Kidney does Not Function like a Normal Kidney..Forget that kidney.....Your Good one is Good Enough for Everything you want to Do in your life.Although I do not know the term P3 or what exactly it means .I would say-Ask a Nephrologist-Kidney Doctor or Urologist..They should be able to answer your question in less than a Minute...I was an X-Ray Tech for about 30 years..Now a DSO for the DAV......

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    P-3 designation on your DD-214 means you are unsuitable for re-enlistment or military service.

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