This Week In Stupid: The Media Attacked Ivanka Trump For…Wearing Her Own Clothes
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    This Week In Stupid: The Media Attacked Ivanka Trump For…Wearing Her Own Clothes

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    It's a damn shame, that people who have made something out of their lives, are the target of the bullshet news media. I hope all the aggression against Trump and his family, comes back and bites these azzholes in the throat.

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    The A$$hole$ are Still Whining

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    There isn't any "NEWS" anymore it's all now nothing but hateful "OPNIONS"bent on destroying people that they simply dislike...

    MSM is well beyond disgusting....

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    We all know that the Wall Street Journal is nothing more than the worst liberal rag in why pay attention to their commentary????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mongoose View Post
    ROFLMBO, that about sums it up for sure... that is spot on the mark.

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    The MSM is nothing but a Liberal propaganda outlet. It rivals Nazi Germany, for the ability to blow smoke up the azz of idiots.

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    You are absolutely 100% correct on your last post know as well I do the average American doesn't want to think. They would rather believe everything they hear from the liberal media.

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    I agree with the WSJ, I would rather see her without cloths too.

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    Why George???? You gotcha a new bottle of blue pills ?? I'm not actually saying your old as hell......but......forget it, your older dirt.

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    My eyes are still horny,

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    ugly-people-funny.jpgHere's a little Sweetie for ya George....

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    For that, I would need a whole bottle of blue pills.

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