Reserve Recon Pipeline Questions
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    Reserve Recon Pipeline Questions

    Hey yíall, juat thought Iíd ask a question in hopes there are some Recon Marines who know a bit about the pipeline on the Reserve side.

    Iím looking at going to BRC in April or August. Just waiting on paperwork and an affirmative date. On the civilian side, Iím a full time police officer who plans on moving to a new department upon completion of BRC.

    Now, my question is the following:

    Is it realistic of me to expect to be able to attend an 8-month long police academy directly after completing BRC? I understand thereís more to the pipeline, but for my careerís sake and my wifeís career the plan is to complete BRC in August and start the academy in October, then continue with the Recon pipeline upon completing the Police Academy.

    I understand this question is better geared towards someone at 4th Recon, but I havenít been able to get in touch with anyone over there lately.

    Thanks in advance.

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    We have a few Special Operators here......wait and you will get some feedback.

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