Intelligence MOS Questions
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    Intelligence MOS Questions

    I graduated from bootcamp on 20171215. While at bootcamp, I had to go to the intel office for screening. While there they told me I would be Signals Intel (26XX). They also told me that my schooling would be in “Butt **** nowhere Texas” for 8 months. I did some research online and they said the school for Signals Intel was in Pensacola, FL. That’s where my questions rise. Was the intel office ****ing with me, or is the information I found online inaccurate. I’d appreciate all the help I could get. And if anyone could give me some info on what Signals Intel does, that would be great too. But I’m more concerned about where, and how long, my school is.

    Thank you,

    Semper Fi

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    Welcome to the Marine Corps! Get used to it buttercup; your body, soul and decision making powers belong to the Corps. Where, when, and how they send you, is up to them. Welcome to the real world.

    Merry Christmas!


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    First off, welcome to the gun club, Marine.

    Second, off the top of my head, the only signals intel guy I know of on the site was in the MOS when they still used flags and smoke signals. I'm sure he'll be along. Or you can PM him, USMC 2571.

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    1. Introduction. The Signals Intelligence/Ground Electronic Warfare
    (SIGINT)/EW) OccFld includes the employment of Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Electronic Warfare (EW), Cyberspace Operations (CO), and Intelligence System Administration/Communication capabilities. Marines in this field collect process and analyze data to produce and disseminate intelligence. Marines in the SIGINT/EW field will be required to set up and operate collection and communications electronic equipment, prepare intelligence reports, conduct preventive maintenance on assigned equipment, and assist in the operational control and management of SIGINT/EW personnel, equipment, and facilities. Entry-level jobs include Communications Signals Intercept Collection Operator, Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) Analyst, Intelligence System Administrator/Communicator, or Cryptologic Linguist. Duty assignments include Marine Special Operations Command, Marine Forces Cyber Command, Marine Cryptologic Support Battalion, Radio Battalions, Intelligence Battalions, Special Security Communications Teams (SSCTS), and the staff sections of the Marine divisions and wings.

    Training is at both locations: Goodfellow AFB, San Angelo, TX (Most courses), and Pensacola, FL (a few courses); it all depends on what MOS you get. How long your school is depends on your MOS. If you get a linguist MOS, that is another course in Monterrey, CA.

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    I told Dave about your life threatening dilemma. He should be able to give you an insight on what you face. I know this....Dave has told me several times that he really liked his job and it was good duty.

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    Best job I ever had, 2571, now called 2621, Morse Code Intercept Operator, except that these days there is very little morse code involved. Back then, almost all countries used the Code re their military communications. But it still remains Signals Intelligence, and is one of the best fields to get into. Check out the National Security Agency(NSA) for job opportunities afterwards.

    In my day our MOS was handed to us, we took Classification Tests in boot camp and those results, plus the ever-present Needs of the Corps, determined what MOS we would get. We couldn't even choose the field, except for Aviation Guaranteed.

    I went to school for this at Pensacola, but I know that they have schools elsewhere too. Where it is and how long it is doesn't matter, except to the younger generation that needs their entire lives accounted for and mapped out at least until around the year 2050 A.D. Only then do they feel comfortable with life.

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    Good info, didn't mention that when you was at Pensacola, the Semino Indians run the training there.

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    When Dave went to train, they were still using smoke signals; thus, the Seminole Indians.


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    Yes, the school was named Seminole Smoke Signaling School, or SSSS for short, but then changed the year after I graduated to US Naval Communications Training Center--Pensacola, Florida---USNCTC....they keep changing the name, and it becomes ever stranger...Center for Information Dominance/Center for Information Warfare, etc----we must make it sound very very forbidding, rather than just call it what it is----a US Naval Communications Training Center.

    It seems odd that an intel unit would deliberately steer someone in the wrong direction, but this goes along with the current mentality that recruiters and others with info are sometimes out to fk with people's minds for no reason at all other than to just be doing it. Hence the very widespread opinion that recruiters are liars, all of them. These blanket statements say more about the person using them than they do about the recruiters, who are just doing their jobs the best they know how. But they take a lot of flak when people cannot get their way a hundred percent of the time. End of sermon.

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    From 1992-1995 I was with 1st SRIG and one of the units assigned were comprised of Intel Weenies. Weird bunch of guys.

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    Paul......are you saying Dave is a Weenie?? I guess you found out he was a Captain in the Air Farse, after the Corps.

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    Around here Dave was tagged with the nickname "Mother Teresa", by Mongoose. I told Mongoose we shouldn't do that, but he wouldn't listen.


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    hahahaha, yes, the USAF, with a TWELVE YEAR break in service, direct commission----and yes, I wear the Mother Teresa moniker, thanks in large part to my buddy Hammer. LOL. They never forget, unfortunately.

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    Back on topic, if it's possible.....My question is...are you married, on life support, or is there anything that's going to interfere with your training in the Corps? If not, why is it so imperative, that you know every detail?? What happened to....I'm a Marine, train me, send me where I'm needed, and if I don't like it, I'll try to get into something else, later on. In the mean while I'll do my job as well as I can.

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