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    Crew Chief

    Looking for info on the path of a Crew Chief right out of boot camp that is married.

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    Never knew boot Marines could be a crew chief but could be wrong. Putting someone in charge of a plane with no experience sounds like a recipe for disaster to me. May explain why so many are dropping out of the sky these days.

    Good luck.

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    Look below your original and see similar questions with answers...

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    It was a contract he signed for his MOS, but there is over a year of training but wasn't sure where all the different trainings were after MCT.

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    Is this a question about being a crew chief, or being married to a crew chief?

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    A bit of both actually.

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    Google is your friend on the career path, as for the married part it is exactly like every other Marine. you don't get special treatment because you decided to marry someone, the only difference is you would go home every night instead of to the bricks.

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    This is what I see; I thought the CH-46 was out of the fleet.

    (1) Complete the Naval Aviation Air Crewman Candidate School at
    NATTC, NAS Pensacola, FL.

    (2) Complete Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) School
    at Brunswick, ME.

    (3) Complete the appropriate formal combined "A" and "C" school:
    MCAS New River, NC (CH-46, CH-53, V-22)
    MCAS Camp Pendleton, CA (UH-1)

    (4) Complete the appropriate "C" school:
    MCAS Camp Pendleton, CA (CH-46, UH-1)
    MCAS New River, NC (CH-53, V-22 {2 courses for V-22})

    (5) Must Complete the Plane Captain (PC) Ground Syllabus for type

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    Thank you so much! That's a lot but it's required. Do you know about how long this will take?

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    I don't know how long those schools are.

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    Thank you! I appreciate the info

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    I noticed that I pulled the information from NAVMC 1200.1C dated 17 April 2017, but the names of one of the schools is outdated. Here is some information:

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    Current Osprey Crewchief (sorry I'm a little late to the party...)

    After MCT it when like this:

    NACCS at NAS Pensacola, FL (3 months or so)

    SERE in Kittery, ME (2 weeks or so)

    CNATT [Mechanic's school] at MCAS New River, NC (3 months or so)

    Flight School at MCAS New River, NC (6 months)

    If you have questions you can Private Message me. I haven't been in the school house for a couple years though.

    God Bless, God Speed.

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    Godspeed too You Marines SF

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