Looking for an oddball bit of information
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    Looking for an oddball bit of information

    OK, so my son is through basic and MCT and is now at 29 Palms to be a Computer Repair guy.

    Before going in, he was working on getting his drivers license. I left it entirely in his hands, and he didn't get it done before bootcamp.

    What I am wondering is if the Marine Corps has any sort of program to help them get a civilian drivers license, or if his best bet is to call a local drivers ed place. He obviously does not have any sort of personal vehicle to use for the drivers test.

    Thanks Folks

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    My best thought
    This is a state issued item
    He needs to be in his home state to complete application picture etc
    Getting a license outside home state is counter productive

    The Corps statement
    If the Corps docent issue it you don't need it applies here

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