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    Lightbulb USMC Composite Score Calculator

    Hello Marines,

    I'd like to share a tool with you that calculates your composite score for the next 4 quarters. This calculator is very easy to use and also complies with changes in MARADMIN 084/17.
    MOL's calculator still does not reflect these changes and it is therefore inaccurate to use.

    You can check out the calculator at:

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    A very good and helpful post, even though I am completely unfamiliar with this. In my day we calculated things by the positions of the planets. LOL.

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    True Dave....we went by where we woke up every morning.

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    Yes, Billy, sometimes Tarot cards worked, but most often they did not. So we consulted the stars and planets, for those scores. I remember hearing about Composite Scores way back when, and they did use them, but not as often as today.

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    i was promoted by one of the Corps oldest and tried and true methods of promotion, last man standing. Nothing like having your units decimated to make promotion fast.

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    Them was the days, Russ......I remember during Meade River, we communicated with the 3/5 with smoke signals....didn't have radios. You being a Chief and all, I figured you was the smoke man. We called our smoke man Tonto. He could smoke out 6 words a minute. Never remember him burning up any blankets either.

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    Billy, I don't know if I've ever told you this but they called me #1 for some odd reason.

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    Re-Inventing the wheel. MOL already provides you the ability to compute your own composite score.

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    Not at all being that MOL hasn’t updated their calculator tool to reflect new MarAdmin changes made earlier this year. This tool is also more intutive for predictions.

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    I was never promoted based on a composite score ...

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