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    Iím still in MOS school for 3521 (mechanic) and Iíll be graduating for the school house on December 20th and then I have orders to an H&S company in Pendleton and was wondering how often they get deployed and what all I have to do to volunteer for deployment?

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    Depending on your unit, you will at some point deploy for six months or a little longer, with 12-18 months dwell time before your next deployment.

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    H&S company for which battalion? If it's a victor unit (V 2/5 for example) that means it's a deployable unit in the Fleet Marine Force (FMF). Deployment will happen at some point - you will not have to volunteer.

    If it's not a victor unit (H&S Company, Headquarters Battalion, Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton) means that unit will not deploy (the unit supports the base, not the FMF). Don't know about volunteering to deploy in this case since the unit will not deploy. You'd have to find some way of getting attached to a deploying unit if that's possible. Need to talk to your command about it. If they're already shorthanded (like most units), they won't be able to afford to let you go because the other Marines there would have to take up the slack for as long as you're gone.

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    Even if you are in a Non-Deployable unit, you can figure on a PCS move most likely to Okinawa within 2 years... and that Oki unit most likely WILL be deployable..... relax, master your MOS and duties, the rest will come along soon enough....

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