Where to obtain a Promotion Warrant as a Vet?
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    Where to obtain a Promotion Warrant as a Vet?

    after i got out i was told i Picked up CPL and now i am in Limbo trying to figure out where i can obtain my Promotion warrant. since i am now a veteran and not real sure on how i can get a copy since i want to get my uniforms all up to date so i can make a shadow box for them.

    does anyone have any ideas?

    i have filled out a SF180 form and emailed that out but not knowing how reliable that is i could be waiting anywhere from 14+ weeks. when i would like to take my uniforms in sooner then later to get my rank put on.

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    I am not sure on this, but maybe your local reserve unit might be able to help you out with this, they should know, at least which direction you should go to chase this down. at least that is where I would start, or the nearest veterans administration office. or the American Legion post.

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    You can give this a shot. They can at least get you going in the right direction.

    Marine Corps Records Correspondence (MMRP-12)
    (703) 784:3930/4646/5616 (Quantico, VA)

    Good luck Devil.

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    If it was not to long ago you got out, contact your old unit. What is listed on your DD 214?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dory69 View Post
    you should go to chase this down
    WTF......can you elaborate, please....

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