Lacrosse Team at Camp Pendleton
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    Lacrosse Team at Camp Pendleton

    Good evening gents,

    Wondering if any of y'all on the forum know of any opportunities for Marines on Camp Pendleton to play lacrosse recreationally or competitively. I played all throughout school (and a brief stint in college- not NCAA, don't get excited) and after watching some of my buddies in college playing fall ball I've caught the itch to play again.

    If there isn't currently such an opportunity, I would love to spearhead it and get something going with what little spare time I have and leave something of a legacy and tradition for future Marines stationed here to carry on once I leave.



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    Since you have a computer and seem to know how it works,a 10 second search would have given you the answer....................

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    I made an effort to reach out to the POC for that page a few weeks ago and it would appear that the program is no longer active. I'm probing several of the forums I'm on and asking friends to see if there's any interest in reviving the idea.

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    Consider even -

    Base/division "Special Services"
    and perhaps
    the Base Public Information office
    might also be two locations to
    start asking the questions
    and posting the posters to
    perhaps get another ball rolling

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    In the Nam, when we wasn't killing gooks, we played Lacroose every opportunity we had.

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    Might want to check the city of Oceanside, or Carlsbad or San Clemente.

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